A Question About Black Beard in One Piece

Topic started by SonDeathEater on July 6, 2014. Last post by Acura_Max 8 months, 3 weeks ago.
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Despite the fact that Logias can control,manipulate, and become a force of nature of element,why is the yami yami fruit not called the gravity fruit?

Assuming it is called that because darkness has an affiliation with Black holes,what type of element or force of nature is Black Beard using to make these pseudo Black Holes?

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General Discussion forum is for topics that cover both manga and anime while it cannot be anchored to a single wiki page.

Since your question is about Black Beard, it goes in his wiki forum.

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@SonDeathEater: Please remember that if a topic pertains specifically to a character, the thread must be attached to that character's page.

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