Marriage Concepts

Marriage is a anime/manga concept
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An engagement is a promise to marriage.


Fatherhood as a concept. A man who has conceived or raised a child.

First Time

The very first time you have sex in your life. The time when you lose your virginity.

First date

The first date of a (potential) couple.

Gold Digger

Someone after a person's money.


Sexual intimacy between family members.


Kissing is the act of pressing your lips to the body of another person. This can be on the cheeks, head, hand, but more commonly to another person's lips.


Korean comics are often referred to as "manhwa."


A woman who has given birth to or raised a child.


A group of at least two people who always work together and often make each other stronger by doing so.

Religion And Belief

A theme in some animes.

Romantic Drama

Romantic Drama is a concept used in series to create tensions of highs and lows in order to leave the audience in suspense over an outcome in a romance based series.


Someone who has cheated on their significant other. This apply when someone is unfaithful to his loved one, girlfriend, wife by either dating another girl or woman and having sex behind the back of his significant other which either goes unnoticed or be discovered and end up very bad.


Japanese word for "Wife"

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