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Marriage is a anime/manga concept
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Adele Cole

Adele Cole is the wife of the wheat merchant Marc Cole.

Akito Takagi

Akito is a gifted man who had decided to turn away from academic success in order to pursue his dream of becoming a manga writer. Along with his friend and artist Mashiro he has formed the team of Ashirogi Muto and become one of the best selling mangakas out there.


The reigning Queen and victor of the past two Queen's Blade tournaments. Primary antagonist.

Android 18

Married to: Kuririn

Anna Aoi

A high school student and skilled robot pilot, she was to be married to Goh before the re-emergence of the Mimetic beasts interrupted their ceremony. Becomes the pilot of Neo Okusaer, and later Go Okusaer.

Anri Sogahara

Takumi's friend and pre-genderbend crush. She teaches Takumi about womanhood after the transformation.


Asuna is a young girl who is skilled with the sword, and she is Kirito's 2nd partner in Sword Art Online.

Battler Ushiromiya

Married to: Beatrice


Married to: Battler

Biwako Sarutobi

Biwako Sarutobi was the wife of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage; and the mother of their children.


A large man who wields an enhanced flamethrower. He is part of the special police force, the Jaegers.

Britanny Diggers

Britanny Diggers is a werecheetah that was adopted into the Diggers' family. She the sister, body guard, and partner of Gina Diggers.


The wife of the Gym Leader Norman and May and Max's Mother.


She married Goku, and at first Goku did not even know what marriage was, but then his friends informed him. Goku genuinely loved Chi Chi, and ChiChi really loved him, no matter how annoying he may sometimes be.

Choji Akimichi

Married to: Karui

Daigo Watanabe

Daigo Watanabe was an average eightteen year old student who found himself engaged to be married to Reiko Hishii, the heiress of the prestigious Hishii Family.

Dante Alighieri

The main character of Dante's Inferno. He is a crusader that searches Hell in order to save his wife.


Fuyumi is Shuji former track teacher and lover. She married a soldier who is always fighting in the war so she always feel lonely.

Goh Saruwatari

Hero of the story and pilot of Godannar. Prior to the start of the series, he rescues Anna in a battle with the Mimetic beasts


Married to: Videl


Married to: ChiChi

Gracia Hughes

Gracia Hughes is the wife of Maes Hughes and mother to their daughter Elicia Hughes.

Hinata Hyuga

Married to: Naruto

Ino Yamanaka

Married to: Sai

Kallen's Stepmother

Kallen's Stepmother is the legal wife of Kallen Kozuki's biological father, Mr. Stadtfeld.

Kanako Watanabe

Kanako Watanabe is the seductive and voluptuous leader of the Fourth division of the Glittering Crux Brigade in Star Driver.

Kaname Chidori

Koshiro's Supervisor at his Marriage Arrangement Company

Kanami Yotsuba

One of the main ladies of Tsuma to Mama to Boin. She is married to Yoichi.

Kanata Saionji

Kaoruko Hanasaki

Tsubomi's grandmother, who was once a Pretty Cure. She is now a famous botanist and owner of the Flower Shop.


Married to: Choji

Kati Mannequin

An AEU tactical coordinator and commander. During Season 2 Kati becomes a ESF-Army tactical commander.

Kaya Miyoshi

The self appointed "girlfriend" of Takashi who will do anything to help him make his dream come true. She is also the friend of Miho Azuki and wants to make her relationship with Mashiro come true.

Kei Kusanagi

Married to: Mizuho Kazami

Keitaro Urashima

Married to: Naru Narusegawa

Ken Ichijouji

Once the cruel and sadistic Digimon Emperor, Ken repented and helped the Chosen Children to fight the new evil terrorizing the Digital World. His partner is Wormmon.


The infamous dirty old man of Azumanga Daioh, Mr. Kimura is a classical Japanese teacher, who freely admits that he became a teacher out of his love for highschool girls.

Kisuke's Wife

Kisuke's Wife is a citizen of the Hidden Leaf Village and the wife of Kisuke Maboroshi.

Klein Sandman

The enigmatic commander of the Gravion forces.

Kogoro Mouri

Kogoro Mouri is seen in Case Closed. It is the Japanese name of Richard Moore.

Kotoko Aihara

Married to: Naoki Irie


Married to: #18

Kushina Uzumaki

Married to: Minato

Lola (Zombie)

Lola (Zombie) is the zombie form of Lola, and she's desperately in love with Absalom.

Makoto Onoda

Makoto Onoda is the husband of Yura Onoda. he loves his wife and despite fantasizing other women and other women falling for him and trying to seduce him he doesn't cheat on his wife.

Manami Ookusa

She is married and works many different jobs to pay off her husband's debts.

Minato Namikaze

Married to: Kushina

Miyako Shiba

Miyako Shiba was the 3rd Seat in the 13th Division of the Gotei 13, and the wife of Kaien Shiba.

Miyu Kozuki

Mizuho Kazami

Married to: Kei Kusanagi

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