Mariya Shidou

Mariya Shidou is a anime/manga character in the Maria Holic franchise
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Mariya Shidou is a character from Maria Holic. One of the most popular girls in Ame no Kisaki, an all girl's Catholic school, is in fact a sadistic, cross dressing boy.


Mariya has been living his entire life dressed as a girl. the reason is that it was part of a challenge for Mariya and his twin sister, Shizu, from their late grandmother and former head of both Ame no Kisaki and the associated all boys school. Each are to dress as the other gender. If they are able to keep their identity a secret. That sibling would inherit the position of head of both schools. Mariya has always admired his grandmother. This may appear to be the reason for twins cross-dressing, but as Matsurika explains,  "These two would of cross dress anyways without any request from their grandmother.".


Maria Holic Vol. 1 cover JPN (2007)
Maria Holic Vol. 1 cover JPN (2007)
The character of Mariya Shidou is a lead character of the manga/anime series Maria Holic that was created by Minari Endoh. The series first began serialization in Monthly Comic Alive on June 27, 2006.

His first appearance was in  Maria Holic Volume 1 CH. 1 " Girl Meets Boy(?) Story", and his first anime appearance was in  Maria Holic - Episode 1 "A Flirtatious Kiss".  His character in the Japanese series is voiced by Yu Kobayashi. Though the U.S. company  Section 23 licensed the series for North America, they only released the series on DVD with subtitles and no dubbed English voice.
Mariya is very intelligent and confident in his own beauty. Being aware of his strengths also makes him quite arrogant. Comparing himself to some of the greatest wonders in the word. His pigtails tend to twitch when he's being especially devious. He is always followed and attended to by Matsurika Shinouji, his maid.

Character Evolution

Mariya Shidou rips open Matsurika Shinōji top
Mariya Shidou rips open Matsurika Shinōji top
Mariya Shidou is one of the most popular girls in Ame no Kisaki. She even attended the all girls primary school, linked to Ame no Kisaki. A member of the Kyūdō (Japanese archery) Club, and head of the freshmen class. Always attended by her enigmatic maid, Matsurika Shinouji. The biggest surprise out of all this is that in reality. Mariya is a BOY. A sadistic one at that.
Hair Color: Blond (long/short twin pigtails)
Eye Color: Red
Distinguishing Mark: mole under left eye
Clothes: long skirts
Quirks: cross dresser/sadist

He says that is is fond of anyone that can be used. He plays the role of the lovely and caring girl well. He is admired by all in the school, save for one person. His older cousin, Ayari Shiki. While friendly, if not catty, in front of others. There is a history between these two that has caused Ayari to despise Mariya. Mariya also has a twin sister, Shizu Shidou, She attends the affiliated boys' school. While cruel to Kanako, Maria has shown compassion to the trouble of some of the girls in the school, offering wise advise. If pressed he simply plays it off as if she it just trying to keep up the role of the school idol. Still, he manages to twist events in a way to make Kanako miserable. 

Major Story Arcs

Mariya Shidou's wicked grin
Mariya Shidou's wicked grin
On Kanako's, a second-year student, first day to Ame no Kisaki. She ran into Maturika and Mariya, and Kanako quickly falls for the lovely Mariya, not knowing she is actually a he. They arrange a meeting together which Kanako considered a date. Mariya, who is highly intelligent, picks up on Kanako's sexual preference for woman. He kisses her on the cheek as he leaves. This leaves Kanko confused why she broke out in a rash after the kiss.
Later in the day Kanako stumbled in to Matsurika assisting Maria into his girdle. They both notice her watching, but in a quick manner Matsurika dresses Maria in full. Once done they begin the tour Maria promised. Kanako blows up that Maria is trying to move along as if nothing happens. Kanako reached up his skirt to take a handful of his manhood. She eventually released him, shaking her hand as if he touched a bug. Kanako threatened to expose a boy living in an all girls' school.
Suddenly, Mariya reached over and casually ripped the front off Matsurika's maid dress, exposing her bra, and he let out a girlish scream of bloody murder. Most likely many people would hear and come running. He told Kanako that unless she kept his secret he would tell everyone that he found her assaulting Matsurika, who was already playing the role of a traumatized victim. She would be exposed as a lesbian to the school and thought of as a sexual offender. Kanako tried to protest, but Mariya pointed out. Who would the student body believe; the new girl, or the grand daughter of the former school's headmistress? Kanako relented and promised to keep his secret.
To keep an eye on Kanako. Mariya had it arranged so that they would share a dorm room together.


Somehow Mariya has been able to live his whole life as a girl with no one, but his grandmother, Matsurika, Shizu, his sister; and eventually Kanako knowing the truth. Even his elder cousin is unaware of his real gender.

Shizu Shidou (twin sister)

 Mariya's Twin: Shizu
 Mariya's Twin: Shizu
Shizu is Mariya's twin sister. The only way to tell them apart from outward signs is the moles under their eyes. Mariya's is on the left, and Shizu's is on the right. She dresses as a boy and attends the all boys' school that is linked with Ame no Kisaki. While both Mariya and Shizu live under the conditions their grandmother set of cross dressing. She is like Mariya in that they both enjoy cross dressing. Shizu though is actually afraid of boys, but not allergic to the same extent of Kanako. Mariya explains that he does love his sister, but shows her tough love. He doesn't care who wins this competition between the two of them, but doesn't believe Shizu could run both schools properly if she retains this fear of boys. He seems to think that pushing her to show courage in front of him will cure her of this fear of boys, but is most likely he's the cause of it.

Ayari Shiki (elder cousin)

 Mariya's Cousin:  Ayari Shiki
 Mariya's Cousin:  Ayari Shiki
Ayari is a senior in Ame no Kisaki and class president. She is the star of the school. The only person she doesn't seem to get along with well is Mariya. Though knowing him most of her life. She is unaware that Mariya is actually a boy. She was always kind to him, but this led his naturally sadistic personality to tease her. Once, a young Mariya had given Ayari a piece of cake, but had eaten the strawberry from the top saying, "You prefer cake without the strawberry, right?"; but Ayari had never said such a thing. Being older she didn't feel she could scold Maria and beyond her control thanked her. To this Mariya gave a very wicked grin.

Other Media


Maria Holic manga, unlike other manga/anime translations, follow the anime, on which it is based. Very few alterations are made. 
Beginning in April of 2011, a second anime was based upon the Maria Holic story. This series was titled, Maria Holic: Alive (2011).

Drama CD

Maria Holic Drama CD
Maria Holic Drama CD
A drama CD produced by Frontier Works was released on July 25, 2008, and a. drama CD was also bundled with the limited edition of volume five of the manga.
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Yū Kobayashi
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Name: Mariya Shidou
Name: 祇堂 鞠也
Romanji: Shidou Mariya
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Maria Holic #1
1st anime episode: Maria Holic #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Mariya Shido
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