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Mari Kyouno is a anime/manga character
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Mari Kyouno is a girl who feels cursed with the ability of telepathy that causes her to feel when those around her are having sex.


Mari Kyouno is a girl who for a while has had an odd power of telepathy that allowed her to heel the sensations of those within a certain area having sex. For her, it feels as if it's happening to her own body, and she has no control over it. She's never told anyone about this ability out of fear of the complications that would come of it or they wouldn't believe her. Despite being a virgin, she felt her heart was worn out from all the sex she's felt.


Aqua Bless JPN (Feb 2007)
Aqua Bless JPN (Feb 2007)

Mari Kyouno is a main character of the manga series Aqua Bless that was created by Yamatogawa. It originally began publication by Akaneshinsha's TENMA Comics in 2006.

Her first appearance was in Aqua Bless Volume 1 CH. 1 "TELEPAsweet☆".

Major Story Arcs

One day, Mari was out with some friends when her telepathy suddenly activated. Looking around, she noticed there was a love hotel in the area. As she tried to compose herself, a boy from Mari's class, Takase, arrived and was concerned since she didn't seem well. Losing her concentration, she suddenly had an orgasm in front of him. She ran off in embarrassment but accidentally stumbled into the red light district filled with sex shops. The sensation of various couples having wild sex swept over her body. Overcome with the sensations, she collapsed in a nearby alley.

She was found soon after my Takase, who had been following her out of concern. She tried to call an ambulance, but she found herself admitting her telepathy. She was surprised that he believed her without question. He even talked about trying to help her get away from the area, but the feeling of all the sex was too much for her to move. Takase was so kind and caring for her that she couldn't hold back. She asked him to have sex with her, and they did it in the alley. She could feel both Takase and the others around them. Takase got more aggressive as she thought she would lose her mind. He seemed determined to give her enough pleasure to make her forget about anyone else around them and take that power from her for making her suffer.

Though he wasn't able to take her power away, she was happy to be with Takase and wanted him more. Takase was then feelings the sensation of having sex with other women that were around them. It seemed her telepathy had been contagious and now he shared her power. The loving couple would then frequently visit love hotels together and have sex while feeling the bodies of all those around them. It was like group sex with just the two of them.

They both went to visit the Akenehama Hot Spring Beach Side Resort, but that wasn't release from their power. There was a couple having sex at the beach, showers, amusement park, forest park, in their hotel that night, and on the train during the ride home. That didn't stop them from enjoying themselves either at the hotel.

Powers & Abilities

Sensation Telepathy

Mari Kyouno has the power of telepathy. Unlike reading minds and thoughts, she can feel the sensations of a woman having sex with a man as if it's happening to her own body. All she needs for it to activate is to be within a certain range of a couple having sex, but the limits of this power are unknown. Events have seemed to show that it's within 50-100 meters of her body. It doesn't matter how many people are within that zone. She'll feel all the actions of the men on or in her body at the same time.

General Information Edit
Name: Mari Kyouno
Name: 京野 真理
Romanji: Kyōno Mari
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Aqua Bless #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Mari Kyono
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Attractive Female
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