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is a manga book published by Wani Magazine that was released on 06/09/2003
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Just No Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on Oct. 29, 2012. Elfenlied1012 has written 76 reviews. His/her last review was for Planetes. 139 out of 153 users recommend his reviews.

I’m not going to take that much time on this one. It’s M and I’m here to do a very very short review on the single volume manga series Mare. Written by Moriaga Milk, she won my favor after writing Girlfriends a personal favorite of mine even if it’s cheesy as hell. Either way instead of writing a romance I hear Mare was her hand at a horror manga and so I thought I would give it a try.

Well turns out Mare is a lot of things and mostly not pleasant. Basically it deals with a girl named Mare who summons demons and travels from place to place using them to kill men who abused women for reasons made obvious later on, but also to feast on the abused women’s souls, for reasons never made obvious. However, when Mare happens upon a gang rape she decides to spare the girl and only kill the rapist. After using magic to return the girls innocence and erase her memory, Mare rejoins the rape victims school pretending to be her roommate, this for even less understood reasons.

So rule of thumb for me, I never review "adult" works. I’m not a big fan of them and don’t find much point in evaluating them. Not saying their all bad, but I hardly have the credentials nor the want to review them. In this case I decided to, under the opinion that Mare is not meant to be porn, review it. Its adult content is incredibly short, censored and fairly rare. I feel it’s not porn in the same way as I feel Kite isn’t; simply because of how little the adult content is focused on or even there.

But how does it fair as just a pure story? Not well. It’s trying to have a really heavy since of story and complexity to it that near all of it is exposition or events that drive the plots action. The problem is that without time to develop even the most basic characteristics to all the characters (establishing personality or motive) it comes out as a series of really odd and unpleasant events that the reader has no ability to connect with emotionally. Its one volume in its entirety and, a man of average intelligence, was unable to even grasp exactly who the main villain really was or what his goal was, much less the entire conflict of the story.

It’s a weird complaint to have following Moriaga’s previous work, which relied exclusively on strong characters to be followed by Mare which has characters that are nothing more than talking plot devices. Plus the art is not only old (Moriaga tends to due classical shoujo look) but also just so bad I couldn’t tell characters apart. That being said Mares too short to be super offensive, something that saved it from being entirely dropped, and the first story or two are at least effective time wasters, but the truth is Mare wasn’t just bad it was a waste of an hour. Mare manages to get 1.5 terrible human beings out of 5

This has been M, and damn straight Anohana-dad
This has been M, and damn straight Anohana-dad
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