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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series
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A hero travels down to Demon World hoping it would bring peace to the world and ending the everlasting war between human and demon. However when he finally meets the Demon Queen, instead of defeating her the hero decides to help her.


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is a light novel series written by Touno Mamare, with no less than 5 manga adaptations and an anime series to premiere during the Fall 2012 season. The story is about a Hero who is about to face the evil Maou (Demon Lord) in a final showdown, only to find out that the Maou does not want to fight him, and instead convinces him that she wants to bring both demons and humans to live in peace together instead of continuing the old cycle of violence.


it was originally began as a series of posts on 2ch, the infamous Japanese image board. Once it received enough positive feedback from the 2channers, the author decided to release as light novel series, and its popularity took off from there.


There are 5 manga adaptations:

  • Maoyuu Maou Yuusha -- The more direct, serious version with a seinen tone. Illustrated by Akira Ishida
  • Maoyuu Maou Yuusha "Kono Watashi no Mono to Nare, Yuusha yo" "Kotowaru!" -- Slightly less serious version, but tilts more towards shonen. Illustrated by Hiro Touge, running in Champion Red
  • Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: Oka no Mukou e -- A more romantic story that focuses more on character interaction and less on the economics. Illustated by You Asami, running in Famitsu Comic Clear
  • Maoyuu 4-Koma: Muitemasen yo, Maou-sama! -- A comedic 4-koma adaptation that loosely follows the story while it portrays everyone as an idiot. Illustrated by Muronchi Nantau, running in Magi-cu
  • Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Gaiden -- A spinoff story that focuses on the adventures of the Female Magician. Illustrated by Taiki Kawakami, running in Shoune Sirius


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By Akira Ishida
By Akira Ishida

To end the long-lasted war between human and demons, the Hero takes journey to Demon World, with a goal to defeat the Demon Lord which might bring peace to the world, or so he thought. What waited Hero at the end was a woman,a woman who calls herself as Demon Queen. The Demon Queen offers Hero to join which he initially refuses. The Demon Queen takes her time to convince the Hero, telling him that defeating her would not solve the major problem, and she also tells him that she has plan that will solve more than one problem in the world. After listening to Demon Queen's plan and reasons, the Hero decides to join her. Unfortunately, the world may not be quite ready for their plan yet.


Note: All of the characters are known solely by their job description.

Hero (Yuusha)

One of strongest warriors in the land, strong enough to take on group of demons by himself. He traveled to Demon World to defeat the current demon lord, only to end up joining the Demon Queen and her plan to create a peaceful world.

Demon Queen (Maou)

The current leader of demons, with mysterious origin. It is hinted that she is part of tribes that shut themselves in magical library that contains knowledge of past and future, which is how she is coming with plans and ideas that would help the world. To hide her identity she is called Crimson Scholar by townsfolk.

Female Knight (Onna Kishi)

One of the Hero's closest companions and a great warrior in her own right before he split off to face the Maou on his own. Serves as a nun in a monastery for the Lake Shore Order until she runs into Hero again. She ends up joining both him and the Demon Queen, teaching swordsmanship to some local townspeople.

Head Maid

Mysterious woman who's been the aide of Demon Queen for longest time. For time being in human world, she has disguised herself as a maid.

Big-sis Maid and Little-sis Maid

A pair of runaway slave girls who hid out on the Demon Queen's property. Feeling sympathy for their plight, she decided to let them live at her home as maids, assisting the Head Maid with her duties.

Female Magician

Another one of Hero's companions who is currently wandering through the Demon World to find him. She is unaware that he left with Demon Queen.

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Name: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Aliases: Demon Queen and Hero
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