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Manyuu Hikenchou is a fanservice manga series that created by Hideki Yamada.


Manyuu Hikenchou Vol. 1 JPN cover (March 2007)
Manyuu Hikenchou Vol. 1 JPN cover (March 2007)
Manyuu Hikenchou ( 魔乳秘剣帖) is a action fansevice manga series that's written and illustrated by Hideki Yamada. The manga started serializing in the Tech Gian monthly magazine by Enterbrain in 2005.
  • Enterbrain (Japan)

Publication History

Manyuu Hikenchou manga series first started publication in Enterbrain's Tech Gian monthly magazine in 2005. The first volume of Manyuu Hikenchou was published by Enterbrain in March 24, 2007. Then by June 25, 2011, total of six volumes has been published in Japan.
There are no notice about any America publication.


Chifusa Manyuu
( 魔乳 千房, Manyuu Chifusa
Main page: Chifusa Manyuu
The main protagonist of the series, she is an expert samurai who is the successor of the Manyuu clan. Chifusa who was meant to continue the tradition of the Manyuu, is despise her family because her hatred on the unfair system that judged women's breasts. So she decided to steals and ran off with the secrets scroll, which contains a techniques known as "Breast Flow" on how to enlarged or reduce breasts. After Chifusa discovered about this technique, she made it her goal to master it so she can ensure that all woman in Japan has a decent-sized breast.
( 楓)
Main page: Kaede
A friend of Chifusa who has been her best friend since childhood. Kaede is very loyal to Chifusa that she pointed out that she was also deserted to the Manyuu Clan, after when she went along with her friend.
Kagefusa Manyuu
( 魔乳 影房, Manyuu Kagefusa)
Main page: Kagefusa Manyuu
Chifusa's evil sister who was perfectly happy with her family when they form of government and goes belong the lengths to preserve it. Kagefusa hated her sister Chifusa because she was chosen as the Manyuu successor over her.
Ouka Sayama

( 狭山 桜花, Sayama Ōka)
Main page: Ouka Sayama
A Manyuu assassin who was employed by her clan to stop Chifusa when she defeated Kagefusa.
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 7
Jan. 25, 2012
Volume 6
June 25, 2011
Volume 5
May 24, 2010
Volume 4
Oct. 24, 2009
Volume 3
Oct. 25, 2008
Volume 2
Feb. 25, 2008
Volume 1
March 24, 2007
General Information Edit
English Name Manyuu Hikenchou
Japanese Name: 魔乳秘剣帖
Romaji: Manyū Hikenchō
Publisher Enterbrain
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Manyu Hikenchou
Manyu Hiken-cho
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