Mansam is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Development Bureau Director and Gourmet Research Facility Chief Mansam, One of the most powerful member of the IGO and an old friend of Toriko's.


Mansam was briefly shown in a flashback to have originally been a Bandit of a brutal nature and had never lost a fight. That is until IGO President Ichiryuu encountered him and defeated him unscathed. It was then that Mansam was invited to join the IGO and to have an honest lifestyle, which he did. And at some point he became the Bureau Director of the IGO, the third highest position second only to President Ichiryuu and Vice President Shigematsu. After Ichiryuu's defeat and abrupt death, and Shigematsu defecting presumably due to Dark Chef Joa's brainwashing, Mansam became the next President of the IGO.


Mansam is created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko as one of the more important protagonists.



Mansam is usually a friendly and energetic man with a decent sense of humor. He often seeks approval of his self perceived handsomeness, which in all but one instance he never gets.


Mansam Original Look
Mansam Original Look

Mansam is a tall, middle aged man with a very muscular physique. He initially had a bald head with a thin mustache, but since the time skip he has a near full head of black hair with a receding hairline and a thicker mustache. He also has two scars, a large one diagonally crossing his left eye, and another smaller one right above his left eye.


  • Toriko - He shares a friendly relationship with Toriko. He often requests Toriko's expert skills for ingredient retrieval and they often share feasts.
  • Rin - Rin seems to be one of the people Mansam is closest to. Despite his superior rank in the IGO, they speak very casually with one another and often work together.
  • Sunny - Similarly, a friendly enough relationship is shared by Mansam and Sunny.

Story Arcs

Regal Mammoth Arc

BB Corn Arc

Mansam meets with Vice President of the IGO Shigematsu. Shigematsu predicted that the Bishokukai would come to retrieve their damaged GT Robos. He wanted Mansam to remain with him to help him fight them off in the event that they did come. Surely enough, Bishokukai Vice Head Chef Grinpatch came to retrieve the GT Robos. However he was met with both Mansam and Shigematsu, who powered up, Mansam revealing his massive muscular form from knocking himself for the first time. Knowing that he stood no chance against the two, Grinpatch retreated without engaging the duo in combat.

Century Soup Arc

Mellow Cola Arc

Mansam abruptly arrived at Toriko's, Zebra's and Komatsu's celebration feast from capturing the Mellow Cola along with Ray and Rapp. He politely but firmly demanded that they hand over the corpse of the Nitro that they had captured with the Cola. Despite his unreasonable request, he would not initially state his reason for doing so. Zebra threatened to fight them, including Rapp of the elite 0th Biotope. Mansam advised against it but conceded to avoid a fight and told them about the Nitro.

Cooking Festival Arc

Mansam was one of the few who knew of the approaching Bishokukai invasion. He and the IGO took steps to counter the invasion, however the Bishokukai still managed to get the first move as they invaded unseen. An army of Giant Model GT Robos descended from the sky to attack the island. But Mansam decided to take them all on alone. He performed self knocking and his already muscular physique bulged into a monstrously muscular form and he proceeded to destroy nearly all of the Giant GT Robo present. But while occupied with his battle, Mansam is suddenly stabbed through the back. He turns and finds to his shock that it was the doing of his friend Vice President of the IGO Shigematsu. After processing what had happened, Mansam engaged his former friend in combat. He is later seen on the ground heavily wounded. But remembering his promise to never lose to anyone other than the IGO President Ichiryuu, Mansam rose to his feet again. But before the battle could go much further, the entire battle on the island was interrupted by the arrival of Bishokukai Boss Midora's devastatingly powerful Meteor Spice technique. Right as it was about to strike, Mansam realized that his leader and mentor had lost his battle against Midora. Then the Meteor Spice Fell and leveled not only the island but most of Human World as well. He awoke some time later when Bureau Director Rei had him doused with liquor. Rei updated Mansam on the dire situation and that countries around the world were pleading for food. Mansam ordered all their food be distributed to the people, then looked for his stereotypical approval of asking whether or not he was looking handsome. For the first time, he actually got a yes from Rei.

Billion Bird Arc

After the events of Cooking Festival, a time skip occurred. Roughly a year and a half later, Mansam is seem again, this time as the New President of IGO. As President Ichiryuu had been killed in action and Vice President Shigematsu brainwashed into betrayal, it was Mansam who was next in line for the position. The food situation of Human world was utterly devastated by Midora and everybody, even Mansam himself were forced to eat food pills. Pills with no taste, just nutrients. Mansam eagerly awaited the arrival of Toriko and Komatsu who were just getting back from their ordeal in the Gourmet World. The other 3 Heavenly Kings were already there waiting.


Powers & Abilities


  • Gourmet Cells: Like most every person in Toriko with supernatural power, Mansam has Gourmet Cells. They are the basis for Mansam's superhuman attributes.
  • Intimidation: Mansam's intimidation takes the form of a Demonic-like being glowing with a golden aura. It has eight arms, three faces and dark brown skin.
  • Knocking: In a similar fashion as Knocking Master Jirou, Mansam uses knocking Guns on himself and in doing so, dramatically increases his muscle mass and overall size, dwarfing even the likes of the Heavenly Kings in musculature. In this state Mansam is considerably stronger than his already brutish normal self. In this form he can use the Wanted Punch technique.


  • Frying Pan Punch: A punch similar to Toriko's Fork technique in that he seemingly manifests a metal utensil for it. only Mansam creates a Frying Pan rather than a fork or a knife like Toriko. It deals immense blunt force to an opponent and can send giant beasts flying a significant distance.
  • Frying Pan Sandwich A double version of the Frying Pan Punch. Mansam utilizes both arms only rather than a brutal punch, he slams both hands together, crushing his opponent between them. It easily crushed a GT Robo's reinforced head to bits.
  • Wanted Punch: A more powerful punch than the Frying Pan Punch due to the much more muscular state Mansam is in when using it. He can presumably only use this when he induces Knocking upon himself. It reduces even a Giant Model GT Robo to smithereens.
General Information Edit
Name: Mansam
Name: マンサム
Romanji: Mansam
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Toriko #3
1st anime episode: Toriko #6
1st anime movie:
Aliases Mansome
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Super Eating
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Berserker Strength
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Size Manipulation
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Attractive Male
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