Manifestation of Hatred

Manifestation of Hatred is an anime episode of Ga-Rei Zero that was released on
After the special forces team from the Ministry of Defense suffers heavy casualties fighting back evil spirits in Tokyo, the Ministry of the Environment sends in their own team of exorcists to destroy the evil ghosts, including a schoolgirl named Kagura Tsuchimiya who slices a large, fiery spirit beast in half with her sword.

However, more evil spirits have manifested in the bodies of the dead soldiers from the last episode, and appear to be led by another schoolgirl with a sword named Yomi Isayama. The Chief calls out orders to the exorcists to officially consider Yomi a "Class A" threat and eliminate her. To this end, Noriyuki is asked to hunt her down while the others eliminate the lesser threats, though Kagura decides to tag along to find out the truth.

Eventually, Kagura runs into Yomi while searching through an underground facility, and the two fight each other. Kagura manages to subdue Yomi, but appears unwilling to actually kill her. Yomi takes advantage of this and fights back.

Kagura manages to escape the scene by triggering an explosion underground, but ends up running straight into the jaws of Yomi's spirit beast and finds herself staring back at a virtually undamaged Yomi. When Kagura begs for an answer, Yomi grows angry at her use of "-oneesan."

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Hajime Segawa Original Concept Creator of (The) Enchained Spiritual Beast Ga-Rei and Tokyo ESP.


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