A Hollywood Take on Oshii's Assault Girls?

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Word on Twitch Film is that Mamoru Oshii-- best known amongst anime fans for directing Ghost in the Shell, but a long-standing igure in Japan, having directed Yoshitaka Amano's Angel's Egg and the Urusei Yatsura film Beautiful Dreamer, among many others --has confirmed some interesting news: at least one Hollywood studio has approached him to possibly remake Oshii's latest live-action film, Assault Girls.

Actually, the studio approached him before the film was even finished. Oshii says he has "nothing against the idea," and would hope to see the Japanese actresses cast in the film, though he notes that "Hollywood has the tendency to remake things left and right these days." (For clarification, these quotes are attributed to Twitch, who is paraphrasing Oshii-- or the Japanese article that might also be paraphrasing him.)

Here's the trailer for the (original) flick. What do you think? Would you go see it? And who do you think Hollywood would want to cast in it?
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.... lol
At least you don't have to worry about them "ruining the story"....hahahahhahahaha
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@HeeroYuy said:
" .... lol  At least you don't have to worry about them "ruining the story"....hahahahhahahaha "
well they will ruin something else
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I think that the characters that they cast for the original (shown in that trailer) are downright beautiful. That's all I've got for ya. ;)
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Hollywood: where everything is a remake of the prequel to the sequel of SOMETHING
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