God of the New World? Try Chancellor of China

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Souten Kouro
Souten Kouro
Okay, let's make sure we get this one straight: an anime adaptation of King Gonta's manga adaptation of Chinese author Hagin Yi's Souten Kouro, an alternative tale of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, is in the works. And when I say “alternative” I don't mean “the characters all appear as modern-day school girls” so much as I mean the focus is shifted from the traditional hero, Liu Bei, in favor of Cao Cao, the final chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty of China.

Mamoru Miyano
Mamoru Miyano
Moreover, the Mainichi has just announced that seiyuu superstar Mamoru Miyano will voice the lead. You probably know Miyano best as Light in Death Note. Or maybe Tamaki in Ouran High School Host Club. Or Setsuna F. Seiei in Gundam 00. Or Shou in Skip Beat!. Or Zero in Vampire Knight. Or...you know, you probably get the idea. He's a big deal, okay?

Cao Cao is normally featured as a villain in Romance of the Three Kingdoms stories, but in this version he's the protagonist and is portrayed as a hero trying to unite China. On the other hand, Liu Be-- the usual hero –and Sun Quan Zhongmou are kings of the other two of the titular three kingdoms, and all three are forced to continually fight one another.

Should make for an interesting watch, and with Miyano attached, a fantastic listen.

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Okay, you guys hate history. I guess I can live with that...T_T
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gia said:
"Okay, you guys hate history. I guess I can live with that...T_T
I like chinese history just hadnt the time to come online :P I like that story seen it a couple of times in movies and books might consider wachting it but i still like Korean history more though ^^
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Online Now
WOW this so cool!! I'm definitely checking out for sure!!XD
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Hmm.. I'm quite intrigued of how alternate this can be
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