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Makyans are a serpent race and the natives of the Makyo star. Garlic Jr. is also a Makyan.


Makyan is a race in Dragon Ball Z whose secondary power source is Makyo star. In Dragon Ball Z movie : Dead Zone and in the Garlic Jr. saga - Garlic Junior and his henchmen are Makyans. Makyon star is the power source of their true power. They can't generate their true power in base form. They need to transform in order to get the power and the Makyo star helps them to transform. All the Makyans seen in Dragon Ball series are evil and violent. Garlic Jr. is most notable among them. There is no information of how and when they first appeared on Earth. However a Makyan named Garlic competed with a former guardian of Earth to take the guardianship of the planet, but the guardian denied the position for Garlic's evil ambition of ruling Earth. This eventually led him to force the guardian but was failed and sealed away. Garlic's son Garlic Junior appeared a few hundred years later to take his father's revenge by killing Kami and ruling the Earth in evil way. He tried twice with his Makyan henchmen but failed both of the times and finally ended up permanently into his own created dark void Dead Zone.


Makyans at transformed state
Makyans at transformed state

Their transformation causes extreme growth of their body and a huge strength boost, thanks to the Makyo star. Garlic Jr. and his henchmen can transform as their own way. In transformed state Garlic Jr. is called super Garlic Jr. and his size become also bigger than other transformed Makyans. His body color also become darker. It is seen in Garlic Jr. saga that the Makyan's can heal from an extreme amount of damage before the transformation, when they get power from the Makyo star. Due to their huge bulky body they lacks speed.

List Of Maykans

List of Makyans seen in Dragon Ball Z :

General Information Edit
Concept Name Makyan
Japanese Name: 魔凶星人
Romaji Name: Makyo seijin
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Dragon Ball Z #108
1st anime movie: Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
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