Shinkai Fans Establish Global Shinkai Day

Topic started by gia on Jan. 9, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 6 years, 1 month ago.
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Voices from a Distant Star
Voices from a Distant Star
You know, one of my favorite things about the anime/manga fandom-- probably the thing that has kept me in for so long, even before working in it professionally –is the way that fans are such active participants. Most anime conventions are fan-run. Have you ever really thought about what a phenomenon that is? A few hundred fans across the country help put together these huge events attended by a hundred thousand fans or so. That's really amazing.

Which is why I like posting on fan initiatives like the CLAMP Appreciation Project and now a new one: Global Shinkai Day, intended to celebrate the works of Makoto Shinkai. Now, I admit, I'm not Shinkai's biggest fan: Voices from a Distant Star was pretty incredible for an almost one-man show, but nothing earth-shattering for me. That said, I would never deny that his works have had a profound impact on some anime fans, and he has certainly brought himself to a pretty high level within the anime industry.

So! Fans have established February 27 - 28 as Global Shinkai Day for 2009. The effort is centered around a Shinkai fansite, Cherry Blossoms Falling, which is running discussions, contests, and encouraging fans to hold viewings of Shinkai's works on those days. They have also gotten Shinkai fansites in China and Japan participating, so it's an international project. How cool is that?

And how about for our own site's celebration, someone fills in the info for Shinkai's works by Global Shinkai Day?

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I think its awesome. The guy needs more recognition. Actually, I just want to see more of his work.
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Sounds like a fun idea.
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"And how about for our own site's celebration, someone fills in the info for Shinkai's works by Global Shinkai Day?"

Eh, I'm a big enough fan I'll do it if no one else has.
I'll probably do it over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend assuming no one else does by then. Between classes and Valkyria Chronicles (my PS3 arrives Monday) I've been busy enough to where I still haven't even finished the Gundam Wing section yet... and that makes me sad... D:
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