Makoto Kikuchi

Makoto Kikuchi is a anime/manga character in the The Idolmaster franchise
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A friendly, tomboyish girl who is often mistaken for a man, Makoto seeks to become an idol in order to be more girly.


Makoto is a popular idol with the female population due to her looks, hobbies and contralto voice, and is a friendly, honest and energetic girl who truly wishes to become more feminine and became an idol in order to achieve this.
Raised as a male by her father, she has grown up in a family situation with both her parents, the dad of which raising her as he would a son because he would have preferred a son. Due to this, and her fondness for sport, she is very well-liked among her all-girls school and recieves many fan letters from girls as opposed to boys; something that upsets Makoto a lot.
Even though Makoto is very boyish, she's a very sensitive and easygoing girl whose feelings are hurt fairly easily, and has a fear of bugs that runs so deep she becomes frightened just mentioning their names. However, even if she's forgiving and slow to anger, she will occasionally swear and speak in the stereotypical slang of a High School gangster when she does become angry.
She also has claustrophobia due to being trapped in an elevator when she was young.
Makoto's decision to become more feminine was reinforced by an incident when she was in her freshman year and  assigned the role of Romeo in her school's rendition of Romeo and Juliet. After the play had finished, the girl who played Juliet had clung to Makoto's arm for the rest of the day whispering "My lovely Romeo; Makoto" as well as kissing Makoto before she left for the day, which significantly distressed her and motivated her even further. 


 As it has only recently been announced, not much information is known about how the character develops. However, there is a change in appearance, as Makoto has grown her hair over her ears and parted it differently, in addition to dressing in a girlier style, to give a more feminine appearance.

The Idolmaster: Xenoglossia

 The longest standing pilot, Makoto is a somewhat arrogant individual who works hard to keep up her so far perfect mission ratings, having not failed a single mission in the seven years she has been piloting Nebula.
She is the most focused on piloting out of all of the other Mondenkind and Turiavita pilots, despite not sharing their belief that the robots are sentient, loving beings due to a childhood memory of the person she is closest to, Azusa Miura, being viciously mauled in an accident in the cockpit.
This event has also spurred her on to become the absolute best she can be, focusing on 100% efficiency all the time, even if it means upsetting the other pilots and wants everything to always be in top standard so she can prove to Azusa that she isn't like her and that her way to pilot is the best.
For the first seven years, her methods worked, and she succeeeded in being the best pilot Mondenkind had due to hard work and perseverance, but she was soon very easily surpassed when Haruka arrived to pilot Imber. Due to Haruka's bond of love and friendliness towards Imber, her synchronization rate was high, while Makoto's was still low because of her refusal to consider the robots as anything more than machines.
She has frequent conflicts with the other pilots, most commonly Iori Minase because of the fact Iori is in love with the robot Makoto pilots, due to her disregard of the robots feelings, which Iori and Haruka say she is hurting with her constant external frame repairs.
Her first failure comes from the fact her synchronization rate with Nebula is low and it rejects her when she is in the middle of a fight with an opposing faction mecha over the final robot core. Makoto becomes very distressed, as Nebula had rejected her whilst she was being beaten by the opposite side, and the fact she was unable to escape from the volcano she was currently in. She loses her temper and begins to madly smash the controls whilst screaming that she will never become like Azusa and she can't accept a life where she isn't piloting.
Despite her fervor, she is easily beaten with her robot unresponsive, and she can do nothing more than sit in the cockpit as the other pilots and their mecha save her.
She is fired from Mondenkind soon after this, due to her "irresponsible actions" and the fact that she can never pilot Nebula again. This crushes everything Makoto has worked for all her life, as she is replaced with the less talented but more closely linked with the robot Iori in mere seconds.
Another pilot, assumed to be Yukiho Hagiwara, speaks with her and convinces her to defect to the opposing side, Turiavita, in order to seek revenge on Iori for stealing away her life's work, and she does so.
Chihaya has Makoto pilot Hiems, the robot who's core she failed to obtain, and she does so easily and even attacks Azusa, claiming she has severed all ties with Mondenkind and only wants to get revenge on Iori for succeeding her. 
She assists Chihaya in kidnapping Ami and holding her ransom, though does stop Chihaya from beating her too harshly, and ambushes Iori from under a river when she goes to rescue Ami from Chihaya. She beats her completely and renders Nebula completely useless, though under encouragement from Iori, it manages to move enough to escape. Although Ami is traded for Imber due to Yukiho's betrayal of Mondenkind, this annoys Makoto immensely. 
Makoto also seems angered by Yukiho's affections for Chihaya, claiming they're useless because "she doesn't care" about her, and tells Yukiho she should stop chasing after her. Yukiho tells Makoto it makes her happy to do this, and asks Makoto if she's happy. Makoto has no reply and stares at the floor.
Later, she attacks the Mondenkind base along with Yukiho Hagiwara and Chihaya Kisaragi, though they are defeated thoroughly as Imber is recaptured by Haruka and they have to retreat.
Azusa infiltrates the Turiavita base soon after that, and is almost shot by Yukiho but is saved at the last minute as Makoto barrels into her and causes her to shoot Chihaya instead. Makoto begs and pleads Azusa to stop going after Chihaya and let her take care of her wounds first, but Azusa ignores her and gives her a necklace, which Makoto treasures, and tells her to treat Hiems more like a human than Nebula. Makoto agrees, crying. Azusa then goes on to continue her mission and leave Makoto alone.
She then teams up with Iori, having been too depressed by Azusa's soon to be death to continue hating her, and defects back to Mondenkind. She defeats Turiavita's robots and returns to Mondenkind's base, where she waits to be sent on her last mission, a presumed suicide mission, with Hiems.
Voiced by
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Hiromi Hirata
General Information Edit
Name: Makoto Kikuchi
Name: 菊地真
Romanji: Kikuchi Makoto
Gender: Female
Birthday: 08/29/1992
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia #1
1st anime movie:
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