Maken-ki! Characters

Maken-ki! is an manga series in the Maken-ki! franchise
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Airiru Finian

Airiru Finian is a member of the Mercenary Unit-Venus and twin of Reel Finian.

Akaya Kodai

Akaya Kodai is the commander of the Kamigari Mercenary Unit-Venus.

Aki Nijou

The school nurse and staff-advisor of Tenbi Gakuen. Has the largest breasts of the cast.

Azuki Shinatsu

She is a student that uses air magic to fight other students. So she is a tough, likes to fight kind of girl.

Chacha Akaza

She is a member of the Maken-ki club which investigates incidents at the school. Basically she protects the students from real serious stuff.

Demitra Midia

Demitra Midia is the Vice-Commander of the Mercenary Unit-Venus.

Furan Takaki

She is the head of the Student Council. The school's students have the ability to use magic to fight one another.

Garreto Kinua

Garreto Kinua is a student of the Tenbi Highschool.

Gen Tagayashi

Gen Tagayashi is the creator of all the Maken in the Tenbi Highschool.

Haruko Amaya

She is Takeru Ohyama's busty childhood friend and student at Tenbi Gakuen.

Inaho Kushiya

Self proclaimed fiancee of Takeru Ohyama.

Kai Kuragasa

Kai Kuragasa is a student of the Tenbi Highschool that hasn't had a girlfriend for 8 months.

Kengo Usui

Kengo Usui is Takeru's friend in the Maken-ki! series.

Kimi Satou

Kimi Satou is the secretary of the Student Council.

Kodama Himegami

Student at Tenbi Gakuen that states that Takeru Ohyama is her mortal enemy.

Minori Rokujou

Ditzy principal of Tenbi Gakuen.

Reel Finian

Reel Finian is a member of the Mercenary Unit-Venus and twin of Airiru Finian.

Syria Ootsuka

An American Idol superstar and member of the Mercenary Unit-Venus.

Takeru Ohyama

Perverted teenager and newest student in the now co-ed Tenbi Gakuen.

Uruchi Minaya

Uruchi Minaya is a student of the Tenbi Highschool that is obsessed with Haruko.

Yan Min

Yan Min is a member of the Mercenary Unit-Venus.

Yuuka Amado

Yuuka Amado is the younger sister of Tomika Amado.

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