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Maken-ki is a Harem manga series that was created by Hiromitsu Takeda.


Maken-Ki! Vol.1 JPN Cover (June 2009)
Maken-Ki! Vol.1 JPN Cover (June 2009)

Maken-ki is a Harem manga series that was written and illustrated by Hiromitsu Takeda. The series first began in 2007 when it was serialized in Dragon Age Pure's magazine. Then, Fujimi Shobo published the first volume of Maken-ki by June 9, 2008.


  • Fujimi Shobo (Japan)




Takeru Ohyama

(大山 タケル, Ōyama Takeru)
Main page: Takeru Ohyama
A perverted male high school student who hated his father when he believes that his mother died cause of him. Takeru got accepted at Tenbi Academy, where combat and magic are used.

Haruko Amaya

(天谷 春恋, Amaya Haruko)
Main page: Haruko Amaya
Claiming to be the strongest maiden in Tenbi Academy by Kodama Himegami and the Vice-President of the student council. Haruki is a childhood friend of Takeru Ohyama and has a romantic feeling for him.

Kodama Himegami

(姫神 コダマ, Himegami Kodama)
Main page: Kodama Himegami
Wields a shikigami that follows her around all the time, it call her ojou-sama every now and then.

Inaho Kushiya

(櫛八 イナホ, Kushiya Inaho)
Main page: Inaho Kushiya
Self proclaimed fiancee of Takeru Ohyama, Inaho feels strongly for him. Although that he doesn't remember much about her, she has decided to wait until he fully remembers.

Tenbi Academy Students


Kengo Usui

(碓 健吾, Usui Kengo)
Main page: Kengo Usui
Takeru perverted friend who has feelings for Himegami, he evens in her fanclub.

Azuki Shinatsu

(志那都 アズキ, Shinatu Azuki)
Main page: Azuki Shinatsu
A strong female fighter that Takeru has problems with, even when he visit the shop that Azuki works at.

Uruchi Minaya

(水屋 うるち, Minaya Uruchi
Main page: Uruchi Minaya
A female student who has a obsession with Haruko Amaya. Uruchi seem to despise Takeru because he seem to be near to Haruko all the time.

Furan Takaki

(高貴 楓蘭, Takaki Furan)
Main page: Furan Takaki
A female student who is the president of the student council.

Yuka Amado

(雨渡 穣華, Amado Yūka
Main page: Yuuka Amado
The secretary of the student council.

Chacha Akaza

(藜 チャチャ, Akaza Chacha)
Main page: Chacha Akaza
A member of the Maken-ki club, she protects any students that gets into serious stuff.

Tenbi Academy Staff

Column HeadColumn Head

Minori Rokujou

( 六条 実, Rokujō Minori)
Main page: Minori Rokujou
The principal of Tenbi Academy, Minori was the one who allowed Takeru, Haruno, Inaho, and Himegami to live together in the same roof.

Gen Tagayashi

( 耕志 玄, Tagayashi Gen
Main page: Gen Tagayashi
The creator of all the maken in Tenbi Academy, he was in the maken-ki of the school before it became to an all girl's school.

Aki Nijou

( 二条 秋, Nijō Aki)
Main page: Aki Nijou
The school nurse of Tenbi Academy, Aki is also the staff-advisor of maken-ki.

Tomika Amado

( 雨渡 豊華, Amado Tomika)
Main page: Tomika Amado
The homeroom teacher of Takeru's class.

General Information Edit
English Name Maken-ki!
Japanese Name: マケン姫っ!―MAKEN‐KI!―
Romaji: Maken-ki!
Publisher Fujimi Shobo
Start Year 2007
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Aliases Maken-ki
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