Maken-ki! Battling Venus

Maken-ki! Battling Venus is an anime series in the Maken-ki! franchise
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Takeru Ohyama is a pervert boy that encounters with his childhood friend Haruko Amaya after 3 years and decides to enroll in the Tenbi Highschool without knowing that it's a place where combats with magic occur.


Maken-ki! Battling Venus is an anime adaptation of the Maken-ki! manga series created by Hiromitsu Takeda. The anime was directed by Koichi Ohata, with Yosuke Kuroda as script supervisor and music by Cher Watanabe.


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Major characters are listed below. See the full character list for all characters in this series.

Takeru Ohyama (大山 タケル Ōyama Takeru)
Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno
Debut: Episode #1
Gender: Male
Takeru is the male protagonist of the series. He is one year younger than his childhood friend Haruko Amaya and both trained in the same dojo when they were younger. He has a strong sense of justice and tries to protect people whenever he can.
Haruko Amaya (天谷 春恋 Amaya Haruko)
Voiced by: Noriko Shitaya
Debut: Episode #1
Gender: Female, B-W-H: 97-59-88
Haruko Amaya is the childhood friend of Takeru Ohyama and the Vice-President of the student council at Tenbi Highschool.
Kodama Himegami (姫神 コダマ Himegami Kodama)
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi
Debut: Episode #1
Gender: Female, B-W-H: 74-53-78
Kodama Himegami is a student of the Tenbi Highschool who stated that Takeru Ohyama is her mortal enemy after she saw a special mark on his chest.
Inaho Kushiya (櫛八 イナホ Kushiya Inaho)
Voiced by: Iori Nomizu
Debut: Episode #1
Gender: Female, B-W-H: 85-57-86
Inaho Kushiya is a student of the Tenbi Highschool who protects Takeru Ohyama and proclaims to be his fiancée.

Theme Music

Opening and ending themes are listed below. See the franchise page for full soundtracks and other music.

OP01"Fly Away"Misuzu Togashi001-013
ED01"Baby! baby!"Shitaya Noriko & Nomizu Iori001
ED02"Baby! baby!"Yahgi Sayuri & Shitaya Noriko002
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 12
Protectors of Paradise
1 - 11
Macaron Limited-Time-Only Service Day
1 - 10
The Girls of Light and Shadow
1 - 9
Stormy Games
1 - 8
Syria will Give You Everything
1 - 7
The Goddesses Who Came Down to Tenbi
1 - 6
Like Rain on a Sunny Day
1 - 5
The Strongest Girl in Tenbi
1 - 4
The Enemy Is at Tenbi
1 - 3
Welcome to Maken-ki
1 - 2
Girls are Amazing
1 - 1
The Day We Swore to Heaven

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Koichi Ohata
Hiromitsu Takeda

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General Information Edit
Name Maken-ki! Battling Venus
Name: マケン姫っ!
Romaji: Maken-ki!
Publisher AIC
Start Year 2011
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