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Goro Honda - voiced by Makoto Kunai (Season 1) Shotaro Morikubo (Seasons 2-6)

Shigeharu Honda - voiced by Takehito Koyasu

Momoko Hoshino - voiced by Junko Noda

Toshiya Sato - voiced by Fuyuka Oura (Season 1) Masakazu Morita (Seasons2-6)

Kaoru Shimizu - voiced by Yuko Sasamoto

Joe Gibson - Koji Otiai

Widowed pro baseball player Shigeharu Honda struggles to raise his son Goro on his own. Goro aspires to be a baseball player like his father; meanwhile, Goro's school teacher Momoko finds herself falling for Shigeharu, in a baseball romance along the lines of Touch or Slow Step. Based on the manga in Shonen Sunday magazine by Takuya Mitsuda.

Maki Productions

Often credited as Maki Pro. A titling house that performs a relatively simple process, adding credits to animation or blank screens to make the opening or closing titles. Since all anime have credits, Maki Pro's name appears in a huge number of titles, although its role is limited. We presume that Maki Pro's role may have extended to other forms of effects, known in Japanese as "Ris Work," such as the addition of mist or fog effects to preexisting film. These jobs, however, are few and far between since the advent of digital animation, allowing most studios to add such effects in-house.

Theme Songs

Opening Theme 1 - "Kokoro E" - Road of Major

Opening Theme 2 - "Saraba Aoki Omokage" - Road of Major

Opening Theme 3 - "Play the Game" - Road of Major

Opening Theme 4 - "Rise" - Kouhei Ootomo

Opening Theme 5 - "Hey! Hey! Alright" - SCHA DARA PARR feat. Kaela Kimura

Opening Theme 6 - "Kokoro e" - TRIPLANE

Ending Theme 1 - "Step" - Beni Arashiro

Ending Theme 2 - "Faraway" - Paradise GO!! GO!!

Ending Theme 3 - "Wonderland" - May

Ending Theme 4 - "Shoboi Kao Sunna yo Baby" - The Loose Dogs

Ending Theme 5 - "Saraba Aoki Omokage" - Road of Major

Ending Theme 6 - "Strike Party!!!" - BeforU

Ending Theme 7 - "Yoru ni Nareba" - The Loose Dogs

Ending Theme 8 - "Play the Game" - Road of Major

Ending Theme 9 - "One Day" - The Loose Dogs

Ending Theme 10 - "Ame Nochi Niji Iro" - Goro Shigeno x The Loose Dogs feat. Maki Ohguro

Ending Theme 11 - "Stay With Me" - Hitomi Shimatani

Ending Theme 12 - "Jibun Color" Yuu Nakamura

Ending Theme 13 - "Kokoro e" - Road of Major

Ending Theme 14 - "Twilight Star" - Megamasso

Ending Theme 15 - "For Years..." - French Kiss

Ending Theme 16 - "Kokoro e" - Road of Major

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Kenichi Kasai
Reiko Yoshida
Michihiro Tsuchiya

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