Majin Buu Respect Thread

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Gohan tries to stop Majin Buu rebirth

Okay we all know that Gohan failed.  Only if he trained a bit more. 

Here Gohan is scared of Majin Buu Ki

He says it is incredible

Another fact he says it is still growing

And  the first time we see Fat Buu

Majin Buu first attack on someone Dabura

Fat Buu kicks Dabura away

Majin Buu owns Gohan with one punch

Kai double smack

Majin Buu vs Gohan

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Majin Buu vs Majin Vegeta

buu shows his healing factor

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Thank You lol.
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nevergiveup said:
"Thank You lol."
no prob
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Great thread... like the scans
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Multiple times called a universal threat 
Ro Kaioshin says he will destroy the universe, then come and destroy the holy realm. 

Piccolo says Buu will kill everything in the universe

Vegeta says the battle with Buu will decide the fate of the universe. 

Kid Buu destroys Earth 
Buu rips through the dimensional boundaries that separate our universe from the dimension of ROSAT  

 Buu has the ability to instantly analyse and copy an opponents attack. 


   Mystic Buu was able to collapse the universe by taping into his evil mystic power.           

   Buu turns entire populations into candy  

Here he turns Chi chi into an egg

Here he turns people into clay
Here he destroys the remaining population of earth with his rapid ki blast, called the Genocide Wave, or Human Extinction Wave.

In the anime we see Buu destroy the galaxies of the defeated Kaioshins 

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