Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku is an anime series in the Maison Ikkoku franchise
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It's about this college student named Godi and his love with the aparment manager by the name of Kyoto. All the neighbors tease him about it all the time.

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 36
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss... But a Woman's Love is Priceless
1 - 35
The Great Date Race! Kyoko and Godai Have Left the Building
1 - 34
Overpowered by Love! The Grandma Yukari Gold Tooth Gauntlet!
1 - 33
The Case of the Shocking Diary My Husband Had a Sweetheart!
1 - 32
The Incredible , Unforgettable Egg! Yotsuya's Dangerous Gift
1 - 31
Scandal at Ikkoku! Godai's...SHACKING UP!?
1 - 30
What!? Kyoko Married!? Godai's Tearful Goodbye
1 - 29
Fall Festival Foul - Up ! All Swell That Ends In A Well
1 - 28
Even Kyoko's Surprised! " I'm Kentaro's Father "
1 - 27
Soichiro Gone!? Yakitori Memories
1 - 26
Godai's Out of It! Kyoko's on the Rampage
1 - 25
In this Corner: Godai vs. Mitaka! The Clash of the Proposals
1 - 24
Godai in Confusion! Kozue's First Kiss
1 - 23
Kyoko's Brush with Danger! Mother's Nefarious Plot
1 - 22
Godai Gets a shock! Kyoko Calls It Quits
1 - 21
Godai's Panic! The Cat Who Came to Ikkoku.
1 - 20
Kyoko's Ticking Time bomb ! Godai's Extended Absence
1 - 19
Godai and Kyoko ! An Evening for Two Means Double the Trouble
1 - 18
Kyoko's Gift ! "What , You Mean it's For Me?"
1 - 17
The Story of Kyoko's First Love On Rainy Days Like These

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Kenji Kawai

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General Information Edit
Name Maison Ikkoku
Publisher Studio Deen
Start Year 1986
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