Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku is an anime series in the Maison Ikkoku franchise
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It's about this college student named Godi and his love with the aparment manager by the name of Kyoto. All the neighbors tease him about it all the time.

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 56
Yagami is Determined: I Won't Give Up My First Love
1 - 55
Pajama-Girl Charges In! Maison Ikkoku in a Love Panic!
1 - 54
Bare-Faced Attack! Operation Seduction
1 - 53
High-School Girl Power! A War Against Kyoko's Love
1 - 52
Forgive me Soichiro! Kyoko's Tearful Decision to Remarry
1 - 51
Even Yotsuya's Shocked! The Day Maison Ikkoku Disappears
1 - 50
Kyoko in Love at First Sight?! A Strange Man Moves into Maison Ikkoku
1 - 49
Mitaka Trains! Lover Boy. Can't be Afraid of Dogs!
1 - 48
Godai's Confession! I Want You to Know How I Feel!!
1 - 47
Kyoko Loses it! Drunk and Crazy!
1 - 46
Race for Kyoko! Skating Rink is Love's Battleground
1 - 45
A Shocking Revelation: Kyoko Declares Her Love to Godai?!
1 - 44
Kentaro Freaks Out! Yotsuya's Frightning True Identity
1 - 43
Love Speaks! Godai and Mitaka Duke it Out at the Hospital!
1 - 42
Godai Breaks His Leg! Chance for Love at the Hospital!
1 - 41
Kyoko's Hot Spring Heart Stopper: Peeping Wars at the Outdoor Baths!
1 - 40
A Bittersweet Favor! Budding Christmas Love!?
1 - 39
Love Takes Guts! Godai's Part Time Job Ploy!
1 - 38
Godai's Dumped!? Kozue Falls For Coach Mitaka!?
1 - 37
Crazy Costume Contest! Kyoko's Amazing Transformation

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Kenji Kawai

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General Information Edit
Name Maison Ikkoku
Publisher Studio Deen
Start Year 1986
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