Maids Run Amok

Maids Run Amok is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 09/17/2011

St. Ishiyama Arc: Maids Run Amok -

A month has passed, and the much anticipated St. Ishiyama School Festival has finally arrived! With their upcoming volleyball match against the Six Holy Knights rapidly approaching, Oga and the rest of the Ishiyama High students gear up for the upcoming event that will determine their fates at St. Ishiyama. But before that, something more important that currently needs addressing arises. Needing help with their class cafe, Azusa and the girls of her class turn to the "strategist" Furuichi for help! Will Furuichi's bold ideas for the ideal "maid" class cafe be a success, or will it be a embarrassing flop that backfires upon them?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Hey!" by FLOW

Azusa and her friends in maid outfits
Azusa and her friends in maid outfits

Azusa and Kazuya are walking to school while they observe the festivities around them as many students are enjoying themselves in the school festival. Out of nowhere, Azusa wants to be a maid. At the maid cafe, the brown hair maid thinks their business is running slow; Azusa tries to cheer up Kazuya who is moping in the corner. Kazuya explains that the Red Tail girls scare him off which prevented him from seeing Oga during volleyball practice. The maids shoo Kazuya away, who runs like a dog into the distance.

6 Holy Knights' Coffee Shop
6 Holy Knights' Coffee Shop

At the practice meet, Yuka brings a swimsuit for Aoi as everyone wonders where the boys are. After Yuka tries out the swimsuit, the flustered Aoi tells her group to look for Furuichi. Back at the maid cafe, Furuichi appears, but Azusa wonders why Furuichi is not training. Furuichi gives an excuse that makes Azusa shout in awe, and Furuichi asks her to show him the pleasures of the maid cafe. In the hallways, Kazuya gets trample by a mob, and he finds out that they are here for the Holy Six Knights' coffee shop.

Alaindelon: Welcome Back Home, Master!
Alaindelon: Welcome Back Home, Master!

Rushing back to the maid cafe, Kazuya tells Azusa that they have competition with the Six Holy Knights. Furuichi states that he thinks the maid cafe needs improvement and intimidates the maids to follow his orders. Furuichi tells them to improve the greetings, yet the maids want him to give a demonstration. Suddenly, a high pitched voice says, "Welcome back home, master!" Everyone shrieks in disgust as they lay eyes on Alaindelon who is in a maid costume. Furthermore, he blows a kiss towards them that really freaks them out.

Furuichi's Lesson 2: Write customer's name
Furuichi's Lesson 2: Write customer's name

Outside, a group of punks from Teimo Tech destroys a takoyaki stand and complain about their food. They get a free batch of takoyaki as they learn about a maid cafe. One of the punk threatens a girl to get a flyer, and the punks are now heading over to the cafe to get some service. Back at the cafe, Furuichi wants them to write the names of customer on the omelet, and only Alaindelon makes a perfect omelet while Azusa mistakenly writes disgrace by messing up the kanji of the character.

Oga finds Toujou making okonomiayaki
Oga finds Toujou making okonomiayaki

Aoi arrive to find Furuichi messing around with maids. Her anger at him is quelled when Furuichi states that the battle with Holy Knights have already begun and that Oga is serious about it. Aoi mistakenly thinks Oga is training intensely for the volleyball match. However, Furuichi presents Aoi with a maid uniform, much to her confusion. Oga arrives to the festival and before he can get some action, he has to eat first. He asks the man for okonomiyaki and finds out Toujou is the one cooking it.

Shizuka tells them to help out
Shizuka tells them to help out

Upon finding the maid cafe, Yuka and the Red Tail girls, who are dressed in cheerleader uniforms for the upcoming match, find Aoi greeting them in a cute and bashful manner. Yuka thinks Aoi really wants a maid outfit, but before Aoi can fully explain the situation, Furuichi manages to get the girls to join them and to wear the extra maid outfits on hand. At the coffee shop, the takoyaki chef is thrown through the door. He explains that the Teimo Tech punks did it and stole his food without paying. Shizuka informs Ichiro that they have to leave.

Ryoko and Yuka makes student feel uncomfortable
Ryoko and Yuka makes student feel uncomfortable

At the maid cafe, Nene is intimidating the customers who want her to say "welcome back, master." However, Nene refuses, and while Ryoko and Yuka pressures a student to buy something, Ryoko hands him a can of orange juice. Once Chiaki shoots the can with her water pistol, the student starts drinking. Outside, Alaindelon is busy chasing the boys in the hallway back and forth. When a new customer arrives, Aoi turns around to find Hilda, who orders food off of the menu.

Oga loves his okonomiyaki
Oga loves his okonomiyaki

Furuichi, who is looking for aid to rectify the rough times that the cafe is enduring, begs Hilda to help him save the cafe. Hilda decides to lend them her aid, but she has a different idea about how they should manage the cafe, much to Furuichi's confusion. At Toujou's stand, Oga orders more okonomiyaki while Toujou cooks more for him in several different styles while Beelzebub drinks milk from his bottle.

Alaindelon poses lewdly
Alaindelon poses lewdly

The Teimo Tech punks arrive to see students freaking out, but when they see Azusa calling out for new patrons, they eagerly go inside the cafe. A extravagant dining room awaits them and the maids recite their welcomes. Later, the Teimo Tech punks want Yuka to do a sexy pose for them while one punk takes pictures. Before they can snag a photo of her, Alaindelon interferes by posing with his rump pointed at them, much to their horror. After tying up Alaindelon, the delinquents decide to get rowdy, and Hilda has her maid band beat the living hell out of them.

Miki Arrives
Miki Arrives

The punks run and bump into Kanzaki, Himekawa, and Natsume who think of beating them to warm up for a match. Then the punks run back to see Toujou and Oga. Being desperate and frustrated, the punk attacks only to beaten down. Aoi and the girls arrive to find the Oga and the boys. Before the punk can call for help, Shizuka, Ichiro, and Mitsuteru beat him up. Behind Shizuka's group, Miki arrives to tell Oga that he's late. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure appears outside of school.

(See scenes after the credits below Points of Interest)

Closing Theme

"Nanairo Namida" by Tomato n' Pine

Points of Interest

  • Hilda orders Cute Patissiere's Hand Made Yumeiro Panna Cotta.
  • Hilda calls Furuichi "annoyichi" for the first time.
  • Running Gag:

Every time that they beat the punks, the camera zooms to an object away from the action. Then it grays out.

  1. Hilda and maids beat up punks and the rose is viewed.
  2. Toujou and Oga beat them up while a cicada is viewed.
  3. Shizuka and her group beat them while the school's sign is viewed.

After the Credits

Azusa's friends act like yakuza
Azusa's friends act like yakuza

Furuichi is stopped by the two maids who want him to pay them for all of the damages that his ideas caused. Even though Furuichi thinks that they cheer for him, the maids beat him and sends him flying headfirst into Alaindelon's butt. After several seconds of struggling, he passes out.

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Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
Masahiro Yokotani Series Composition He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.
Haruo Miyakawa Key Animator
Masami Abe Key Animator
Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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