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Iwafura is the maid of Tomoe Sumeragi.


One of En's three demon maids who has an ability to summon objects.

Jaguar Yamasugata

Jaguar Yamasugata is a second-year at Southern Cross High School, and serves as a maid for Sugata Shindo in Star Driver.


She is Scarron's daughter and Siesta's first cousin on her maternal side.


Jino is the Royal servant of the Industria kingdom

Joshua Phrygianos

Qwaser with mastery of Roentgenium, a useless element on Earth. Though a member of the Adepts, Joshua is more comic relief than the others.

Kaede Nonohara

Combat butler to the Azumamiya family who has mastered an "Ultimate Attack" with his shinai. Not averse to beating his master Koutarou with his sword if he catches him acting like a weakling or ungentlemanly.

Kallen's Mother

Kallen's Mother is the mother of Kallen Kozuki and Naoto Kozuki. She's a Japanese woman who works as a maid in the house of Kallen's father to be close to her daughter.

Kanae Katagiri

Kanae Katagiri is a Gemischt Quincy servant of the Ishida family, who married Ryuken and was the mother of Uryu.


Kaoru Daichi

Akiharu's roommate and fellow butler-in-training.

Karen Jankulovski

Karen Jankulovski is a mage of Bronze Black Cross and Liliana's maid.

Kento Shibata

Kikunoshin Suwano

He is Sakura Ichiko's butler.


Hisui's twin sister who along with her sister is one of the maids in the Tohno Mansion and one of the five heroines in Tsukihime


Leysritt is a Homunculus created by the Einzbern family to serve as a maid, bodyguard, and caregiver for Illyasviel.

Lilica Stacy

Lilica Stacy is the loyal maid of Fukuyama Manor and personal attendant to Kazuharu. Her combat skills match her dedication to her duties.

Little Sister Maid

She's a former slave who ran away with her older sister. Maoyuu's head maid take her and her older sister to become maids.

Lizlet L. Chelsie

Lizlet is a Tsukumogami, antique teacup that transform into a human. She works at a tea cafe as a waitress

Luna Inverse

Luna Inverse is the first daughter of merchants and elder sister to Lina Inverse.


Lunch takes the term "split personality" to a whole new extreme only fitting of the Dragonball series.

Mahoro Ando

Mahoro is an android that have 398 days to live.


Maidy is a maid in the royal court of the family of Alabasta.


Maid of Nagi Sanzenin with a slight crush on Hayate. Often plays the voice of reason compared to the other two.


A transsexual maid who serves as a protector of Princess Ecarlate.

Masamune Usami

An S4 member, she initially dislikes Kinjiro for getting close to Subaru.

Matsurika Shinoji

Matsurika Shinōji is the calm and quiet maid who is always by the side of Mariya Shidō. Often times she is less of an assistant and more an accomplice.


The head of Antonia's maids with a scar across her cheek. She is quite skilled in combat and serves her master unquestioningly.


Also known as Meilin. She has glasses and is very clumsy. She will often run into and break things.

Mayu Hoshino

She first appears in G-taste Episode 3, doing a small sex show with Ayaka Konno.


Merry is the loyal and gentle servant of Kaya in Syrup Village and the designer of the Going Merry.

Michiko Fleuretty

A maid servant of Annerose who is also a demon.

Mihato Uesugi

Mikoto Sakuragawa

Mikoto Sakuragawa is Erina's head maid in the Gonna be the Twin-Tails!! series.

Minako Jyounouchi

A second maid that appears in Dark Love

Minawa Ando

Minawa is a main character in Mahoromatic. Minawa ranaway from Management

Misaki Ayuzawa

The main character of the anime Kaichou wa maid sama. A President Student Council and a maid on a maid cafe.

Mitsuru Sanke

Short, young butler-in-training. One of the few guys studying at the academy.


Miyabi is god who was ordered to eliminate Tanarotte with her demon partner Synclavia the Siren. After that failed, now they are the servants of Eitaro Sakuma.

Miyuki Amou

A maid that is trained in the art of Bondage.


A servant of Arachne, he is a vampiric character who has the power to transform back to how his body looked when he was younger and stronger.

Nana Morimura

The New Maid that works under Mai Kanazuki. She first appears in G-Taste episode 2.

Nanako Shichigusa

Naoe Kanetsugu

This incarnation of Naoe Kanetsugu appears in the Sengoku Collection anime series as the domestic partner of Kenshin Uesugi.


Nihru is a maid in Oppai no Ouja who has the protagonist, Naoya, find the Oppai Belt through sleeping with various big breasted women. To aid Naoya in his quest, she bestows Naoya with magical coupons that allows him to sleep with any woman.

Nina Lindberg

Nina Lindberg is the administrator of the Oasis Clan Lodgings in Ert'Aria.

Norman Burg

Roger Smith's butler who is resourceful and talented. He also the caretaker of the Big O robot.


Olaf is the butler of Astarotte Ygvar's family.



Ouka is one of the loyal servants and bodyguards of heiress Reiko Hishii.

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