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a character from Emma Victorian Romance.

Akiharu Hino

The main protagonist of the story and one of the butlers-in-training.

Akira Honjoji

Main character of Viper 16

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred is the loyal butler of Bruce Wayne, who has raised Bruce after the death of his parents. Alfred is also a former secret agent and skilled surgeon.


A servant for the Zoldyck family. She and her grandmother Tsubone are supervised by Silva Zoldyck.

Angelina Nanatsu Sewell

Angelina Nanatsu Sewell is one of Shingo's classmates in the Mashiro-Iro Symphony series.

Anna Kurauchi

The third maid who works at Yoshitaka's mansion.

Arianna Hayama Arialdi

She's maid and side kick of Erica in the Campione! anime series.

Ash Landers

Queen Victoria's butler. Split personality of Angela Blanc.


Aya is Naoki's personal maid.

Ayaka Konno

First appears in G-Taste Episode 3 performing a sex show with Mayu Hoshino.

Baby 5

Baby 5 is a member of Don Quixote Family who ate the Arms-Arms Fruit.


Baika is one of the loyal servants and bodyguards of heiress Reiko Hishii.


Big Sister Maid

Big Sister Maid is the older sister who is a former slave. Maoyuu's head maid take her and her young sister to be the new maids.


Professor Wattsman's butler who fights with a beam sword.

Carol Nastassha

Caro is Rinslet's maid.


Catherine is the Squad Commander bodyguard for the Serenity royal family.

Chan and En

Chun and en are albino twins that work for Toto/Hagire the Director.

Charles Grey

Charles Grey is a member of Queen Victoria's Private Secretarial Officers, as well as one of her butlers.

Chief Maid

Chief Maid is the caretaker of the Demon Queen's mansion in Winter Pass.

Chiharu Harukaze

Chiharu Harukaze is a student at the Hakuou Academy

Chino Kotomura

Chino Kotomura is a maid that works in the Maison de Ayakashi.

Claude Faustus

The Trancy butler and main Antagonist from Kuroshitsuji II.

Cosette Shelly

Cosette Shelly is Primrose's sister in the Dragonar Academy series.


Cuthfleda is the maid of Astarotte Ygvar.

Edward Tanaka

The butler of Chris' house.

Elfreda Mirjasdottir

Elfreda Mirjasdottir is a maid of Astarotte Ygvar.


Maid in the mansion.


English maid of the Victorian era

Eneus the Bergest

Eneus the Bergest is the summoned demon familiar of Eitaro Sakuma. Always lady-like, she is often keeping Eitaro in line and on schedule.

Fabiola Iglesias

Fabiola is the second maid to the Lovelace family as well as a high experience combatant. She helps Garcia track down Roberta after she goes off on a murder mission.


Fat is the personal assistant and aid to sword master Piandao

Feiris Nyannyan

Mayuri Shiina's co-worker who also works at the May Queen maid cafe.


Fermi is the masochistic maid of Agaliarept, who loves to receive his punishment.



Freesia is a maid that works for Princess Salvia.

Frieda Shelly

Frieda Shelly is a member of the Shelly family in the Dragonar Academy series.


A maid who works for Neaka and Kosuke Fujiwara She`s the one who mostly beats up Kogarashi when he goes to far.

Fumina Kagurazaka

Fumina Kagurazaka is a character from Let's Arbeit!

Genji Ronoue

Giriko Kutsuzawa

Giriko Kutsuzawa is a human member of the Xcution. He uses the Fullbring called Time Tells No Lies.


Gotoh is a butler at Zoldych family estate in Kukuroo Mountain.

Grell Sutcliffe

Grell Sutcliff was the butler of Madam Red and also a Shinigami.

Hannah Anafeloz

Hannah is the maid of the Trancy Household. A mysterious woman; she is revealed to be extremely strong and keeps numerous weapons hidden on parts of her body. It is revealed by Grell Sutcliff that she is a demon.

Hanzou Hattori

A ninja maid.


Harmel is the butler of Chutaro Nezumi. He assisted in helping Chuzaro in his search for a bride, but was highly critical.

Hayate Ayasaki

Hayate is a combat butler for the Sanzenin family with a debt of about 150 Million Yen that he has yet to repay.


Hilda , full name Hildegard , wet nurse from the Demon world who helps Oga raise Beelzebub.

Himuro Saeki

Combat butler of the Ookouchi family who seems to have a love of books and roses, even using them to attack his enemies.

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