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Maids and Butlers are highly popular within anime and manga. They can simply be a job, or they can be a lifestyle for loyal servants to a master or mistress. Identified by a particular uniform. Also popular in cosplay.


Cooking, cleaning, and generally attending to a socialite's needs are the more tradition duties of maids and butlers. Typically, maids are female and butlers are male, what defines them from one another is the uniform.

Anime & Manga

In many manga and anime series on top of the general duties listed above, maids and butlers often also act as personal bodyguards, this role is fulfilled more often by butlers than maids. Maids and butlers are also popular cosplay costumes, and there are even themed cafés staffed with maids and butlers to take orders.


Maids seen in anime and manga usually wear French-style maid uniforms. These generally consist of a black dress, a frilly white apron and a matching white headdress. The uniform for a butler more often includes a black or dark colored suit of some kind. If there is no jacket, a dark color vest is always present. The butler always wears a tie of some kind, gloves are more optional.

Notable Examples

Hayate Asyasaki
Hayate Asyasaki
  • Ladies vs Butlers - Akiaharu Hino transfers to Hakureiryou High School where he becomes a butler-in-training. The school was previously an all-girls school, but went co-ed that year. The wealthy students are tended to by the less privaledged, who become maids and butlers at the school.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler - The young boy Hayate Ayasaki was a poor and honest boy who found that he had been sold to criminals to pay off his parents debt. In an act of desperation. He attempts a kidnapping of a rich young girl named Nagi Sanzenin. Though he changes his mind about kidnapping her. She is actually abducted by others. He risks his own life to save her, but she never realized that he had tried to capture her first. To try and make up for his actions. He pledges himself to serve Nagi. Though, she mistakes this as a declaration of his love for her.
  • Blood + - Saya Otonashi has an attendant by the name of Hagi. While not the most strictest for of a butler. He is a constant attendant to Saya. As a young boy he was brought to the Goldschmidt mansion in order to be a companion to her and intended to eventually mate with her. Their relationship was rather contentious at first, but eventually became friends. He knew nothing of her past, but as he grew older. Saya didn't age a day. Due to a serious injury he suffered. Saya fed Hagi her blood in the mistaken idea that is what he needed to live. This action did save his life, but also changed him forever. This blood gave him eternal life and incredible powers in the ability to change his body to that of a powerful vampire-like monster.
  • One Piece - On the island of the Straw Hat Pirate, Usopp. There is a small village called Syrup Village. Usopp's love and friend Kaya lives in a mansion and she is attended to by her butler Merry. He is a very kind and gentle man who takes care of the house. He is also the one who designed the ship that would carry the Straw Hat Crew to and through most of the first half of the Grand Line. The ship was named after himself and called, Going Merry. It was given to the crew for saving both Syrup Village and Kaya. Also on Syrup Village was a man who was going by the name Klahadore. In reality. This man was the infamous pirate Captain Kuro of the Black Cat Pirates. He had become tired of his life as a pirate and constantly being chased after by the Marines. he faked his own death and made his way to Syrup Village. He was taken in by Kaya's father. Thinking Kuro was a destitute young man named Klahadore. This was all part of Kuro's elaborate plan to steal the riches from Kaya's family and claim them as his own. His plot was stopped by Luffy and his crew. Luffy sent him away from Syrup Village along with his crew, who Kuro had already thrated to kill to keep them silent.
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Concept Name Maids & Butlers
Japanese Name: メイドと執事
Romaji Name: meido to shitsuji
Aliases Housemaid
Maids and Butlers
meido to kajuo
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