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Maid Bride is a Hentai manga that features several tales of wild sexual experiences and follows the lives of six pairs of people that get involved in sexual actions with each other. From tales of wild sex to those of uncontrolled passion, Maid Bride is not for the weak minded.

This is Volume One of the Maid Bride manga, featuring six different pairings of characters as they become involved sexually with each other during the course of their stories within. The main characters of the featured story (Chapters One thru Five) are Akira Midorikawa and Kubota Arutarou, who come across each other at their appartment complex in Japan and begin what turns out to be a wild, sex-filled relationship that they enjoy before becoming a true, loving couple by the end of their saga. The rest of the volume spans four other stories of passion and sex that involve new characters every two chapters as their tales of love are told from Chapters 6 thru 15.

Maid Bride was written and illustrated by Kizuki Aruchu for Megastore Comics, and was released on August 5th, 2009.

Plot Summary

In need of money to pay off her monthly rent at the apartment complex, Akira Midorikawa decides to loan her services to her neighbor Kubota Arutarou as a live-in maid so that she can make enough to pay off her rent. Thus begins the first of several wild, sex-filled tales of passion, lust, and pleasure that is covered in five additional stories each featuring new characters and wild tales of passion. Maid Bride was first published in 2009 for sale by Megastore Comics.

"Tempting her master with her lewd body is inexcusable for a maid!

Now, it's time for the punishment!"


The main plot of Maid Bride revolves around the lives of both Akira Midorikawa and Kubota Arutarou, who as their five chapter story progresses, grow closer together and eventually become a couple after several of their wild sexual experiences with each other in their time living together. As for the other characters involved in Maid Bride, they only get one major chapter for their story of their sexual experiences together and then a second, 4 or so page addition that shows the aftermath of their sexual relations with each other and sheds light on what becomes of them. In addition to showing what happens, each of these short continuations involve another sex scene, one that lasts 2 or 3 of the pages give to the extra part.


The following list shows the chapters, the name of the chapter, and which characters are involved:

Chapter One: Maid Bride (Main Story Akira Midorikawa and Kubota Arutarou)
Chapter Two: Maid Bride (Main Story with Akira Midorikawa and Kubota Arutarou)
Chapter Three: Maid Bride (Main Story with Akira Midorikawa and Kubota Arutarou)
Chapter Four: Maid Bride (Main Story with Akira Midorikawa and Kubota Arutarou)
Chapter Five: Maid Bride (Main Story with Akira Midorikawa and Kubota Arutarou)
Chapter Six: White Nectar Princess (White Princess and Zande)
Chapter Seven: White Nectar Princess Afterstory (White Princess and Zande)
Chapter Eight: Teacher! It Seems to be Transparent! (Yuuko and Kishita)
Chapter Nine: Teacher! It Seems to be Transparent! Afterstory (Yuuko and Kishita)
Chapter Ten: Otaku in Summer (Yuuki and Yuuki's Boyfriend)
Chapter Eleven: Otaku in Summer Afterstory (Yuuki and Yuuki's Boyfriend)
Chapter Twelve: Turbulent Breasts! (Hosokawa Hazuki and Takayuki)
Chapter Thirteen: Turbulent Breasts! Afterstory (Hosokawa Hazuki and Takayuki)
Chapter Fourteen: Interchangeable Maid! (Tsuneko and Bocchama)
Chapter Fifteen: Interchangeable Maid! Afterstory (Tsuneko and Bocchama + Credits)


Akira Midorikawa: A poor, somewhat klutzy girl who lives in one of the apartment complexes in Tokyo, Japan at the time of the manga. Due to her financial woes, she can not afford the rent for the next month, so she decides to turn to becoming a maid to help pay off what she will have to pay in several weeks. Turning to her next door neighbor Kubota Arutarou to seek employment as a live-in maid for his room, her request for employment is granted and she begins to tend to what needs to be done around the apartment. She is not very skilled at many tasks, and nearly poisons poor Kubota with her meal that she makes for them later that night. She notices later on in the story that Kubota is into anime figures, H-manga, and has a major fetish for maids, which she uses to her advantage on several occasions to make life more interesting for her master and to get the promised sex afterward. She ends up being quite submissive to Kubota whenever she feels like being taken advantage of, and uses this to get her way with him on one occasion. She gets quite shy at first whenever Kubota touches her or sleeps with her on the first few occasions, but she eventually overcomes her issues with her shyness and becomes quite wild with her body.

Kubota Arutarou: The next door neighbor to Akira Midorikawa and a general loner in life, Kubota lives a quiet, subdued life alone in his dingy apartment. He at first accepts the offer by Akira when she comes to him looking for employment, but begins to regret his decision when her klutzy nature leads to the constant breaking of his dishes and a dangerous meal that nearly has him kicking the bucket from the awful taste. He has a passion for anime, 2D Hentai games, and a extreme fetish for maids, and he eventually falls for Akira when she uses this weakness against him on multiple occasions, all of which lead to wild, passionate sex. He becomes quite aggressive whenever turned on or in the throws of giving Akira pleasure through sex. He is surprised when their relationship begins to change from that of sex friends into that of a actual couple, and eventually falls madly in love with Akira to the point that they officially become a couple.

White Princess: The beautiful, graceful princess of a peaceful kingdom of a faraway land, she is loved and revered by her people, who admire her beauty. She is blackmailed by her wicked Staff Officer Zande into allowing him to have his way with her body after he gets the Queen severely ill with a rare disease that will kill her unless the princess sleeps with him. At first, she is mortified at what he does with her body, but as she endures more and more of his perverted actions, she eventually becomes a sex-obsessed girl who demands that Zande pleasure her every night when she removes her chastity belt that the King has made made her wear in order to protect her from herself. She loves being taken roughly and has a thing for various sex toys that Zande has developed to use on her.

Staff Officer Zande: A cruel, heartless man who takes advantage of the White Princess when he gets the Queen deathly ill with a foreign disease that only he has the cure for. He uses this to force the princess to become his sex slave, experimenting with his new toys and using his lewd thoughts of how to make her his whore upon the poor princess, who at first hates him for ruining her life for his benefit. After several days, he manages to break the formerly proud, independent princess and make her nothing more that a beautiful woman who is obsessed with having wild sex with him each and every night. He gets her to the point that just thinking of him makes her wet, and to his surprise, it makes her even more obsessed with him with each passing day. Alarmed by his daughter's sudden change, the King orders that she wears a chastity belt at all times in order to protect herself from her new-found sexual obsession, but she still engages Zande in sex each and every night when she removes it.

Yuuko: A lonely teacher at one of the high schools in Japan, Yuuko begins to get annoyed that none of her bras seem to be fitting her massive breasts anymore, and with time running out, decides to go to school for her class without wearing a bra, depending on the fact that her nipples are inverted and will not show through her top. When she arrives to class, her students are blown away that their teacher is not wearing a bra, and since she worked up a sweat running to class, has made it so that they can see almost everything. When she realizes this, Yuuko tries to reason her decision not to wear a bra today, but stops when she becomes embarrassed, which causes her inverted nipples to become hard and show through her white top. She runs off to cry over her misfortune in class, and is approached by one of her students, a average boy by the name of Kishita, who has had a major crush on her. After he confesses his feelings and concern to her, she is stunned by his confession, but before she can act, he begins making his moves on her, grabbing her sensitive breasts and using them to get her turned on to the point that she will sleep with him. Afterwards, she is now quite pleased with herself and decides to wear band-aids over her nipples to conceal them underneath her top, which worries Kishita that maybe sleeping with her has changed her too much. She invites him to dinner later on before leaving the stunned Kistita alone on the roof, shocked that he actually slept with his teacher.

Kishita: One of the students of Yuuko's classes at school, Kishita has harbored a major crush for his teacher since he first met her, and after seeing her without a bra in class, he becomes even more obsessed with her. He finds her crying on the rooftop after she leaves class due to her embarrassment of her nipples showing to her students, and proceeds to confess his powerful feelings for her to her face, which at first mortifies her that he would say such a "lie" to her. Tempted by her massive breasts, Kishita begins fondling them aggressively in order to stimulate Yuuko into sleeping with him, which she does after he uses his tongue to stimulate her hyper-sensitive nipples. Afterwards, he timidly asks her if she would be interested in dinner at his place, which she gleefully agrees to. Kishita begins to worry that sleeping with Yuuko might have been a bad idea, after she shows him the band-aids that she will use to cover her exposed nipples at the upcoming Teacher Conference. She has gone from a serious woman to a carefree individual after their encounter, and he wonders what this means for himself in the future. He looks forward to having more "wild" encounters of the sexual kind with Yuuko in the future as their relationship develops.

Yuuki: A teenage girl that is a hardcore otaku and spends most of her days indoors playing erotic Hentai games on her PC, Yuuki does not get out of her home often, much to the disappointment of her current boyfriend. After he barges into her room and puts the brakes on her latest Hentai gaming session, she is asked to join him at the beach to enjoy the wonderful weather that is in the area. She agrees to his offer after he tells her that he will pay for their trip, and is taken down to the beach with her new black bikini in tow (which she had originally used to dress up her inflatable sex doll in her room by the PC). When Yuuki steps out of the female changing room and shows off her body to her boyfriend, his mind goes into shock, since he is so used to her dressing in baggy clothes that do her curves no justice compared to the swimsuit he now sees hugging her body. After he finishes inflating the killer whale floater that she will use out in the ocean, they set off away from shore with Yuuki riding on the whale while he pushes from behind. When a rough wave knocks her off of the float, he grabs her tightly to his body, since she is not particularly good at swimming in deep water. She is slightly embarrassed from the areas that he is grabbing (currently, he has a tight grip on her right breast and the other arm around her waist), and is more surprised when he begins to grope and toy with her nipples in public. Stimulated by the toying, Yuuki allows for him to explore her body with his hands, and it does not take him long to reach her hyper-sensitive areas below the belt. Losing control of himself and ignoring her protests of doing such things in public, he proceeds to have sex with her as she clings to the floater, trying to keep herself from moaning loud enough for the people on the shore to notice. Afterwards, much to the horror of her boyfriend and his wallet, Yukki plans even more trips to other beaches in the area with new outfits to use when engaging in sex with him.

Yuuki's Boyfriend: The annoyed, desperate boyfriend of Yuuki who is constantly annoyed by her extreme Otaku lifestyle, he tries to get her out of her dimly-lit room and to spend more time with him outdoors. He walks in to her room during one of her usual Hentai gaming sessions and puts a end to it by convincing her to accompany him to the beach in her new black bikini (which to his shock, she bought only for the purpose of using it as a outfit on her inflatable sex doll). Yuuki is reluctant, but agrees to it when he offers to pay for the entire thing. While he is busy pumping up the killer whale floater for Yuuki, she heads into the changing room to put on her black bikini before they head out into the ocean (since she can't swim very well, thus the need for the floater). When he looks up and sees the figure of Yuuki in front of him, wearing her figure-hugging bikini that shows off all of her curves, he is blown away by how amazing she looks wearing it. They soon head into the ocean, with Yuuki on the floater and with him pushing it from behind as they make their way offshore. Once out to sea, they spend time together chatting about their lives until a small wave knocks Yuuki off of the floater and into the ocean. Remembering that she is a terrible swimmer, he grabs onto her tightly as he tries to maintain contact with the floater. She begins to blush, and he notices that he has accidentally grabbed her right breast with one hand and has his other arm wrapped around her waist. She surprises him when she tells him that he can grope her if he wants, and it does not take long for him to begin stimulating her sensitive breasts and move his free hand down to between her thighs, toying with her vagina. Shocked that he is rubbing his hand down there, Yuuki tells him that she never said that he could feel around there, but stops when he ramps up his fondling of her clitoris. Now with his sex drive working at full speed, he begins to engage her in sex as she clings to the floater, trying to take it easy with her as she struggles to contain her moans of pleasure so no one within earshot can hear them. Afterwards, Yuuki begins to plan out more trips to other beaches in the area and gets new outfits to use each time, with him freaking out over how his paycheck will be spent on taking her around instead of on what he wants.

Takayuki: The desperate boyfriend of one Hosokawa Hazuki and obsessed with her ever-growing bust line, Takayuki fails on multiple occasions whenever he attempts to fondle her chest, always getting rejected by Hosokawa each time. Driven to desperation to feast his eyes upon her breasts, he sneaks into her home when she is away and stows himself away in the closet, awaiting the chance to see her topless for the first time in his life. To his shock and bewilderment, Takayuki is blown away when he watches her remove her bra only to reveal that she has small breasts and that she uses massive breast molds to give herself the appearance of being busty. It is when she pulls out a specialized pump and tries to enlarge her breasts with it that Takayuki emerges from the closet and prepares to show her how much he loves her, even if her massive breasts were fake. She is stunned and scared that since he has seen her real breast size, he will dump her for another well-endowed girl that he will meet in public. Unable to restrain himself any longer, he makes his move, and uses her hyper-sensitive breasts to arouse her to the point that they engage in passionate sex with each other. Afterwards, he reasons with her that the pump that she was using would not work no matter how much she used it, and shows her what he means when he pulls out his penis pump and it fails to do anything to him no matter how much he pumps it.

Hosokawa Hazuki: The strong-willed, attractive girlfriend of one Takayuki, Hosokawa Hazuki is hiding a major secret that she fears will be the end of her relationship with him if he ever found out that she has small breasts and is using models to give herself the appearance of a massive bust. Because of this, she will not allow him to come near her breasts whenever she spends time with him, much to his disappointment. When she is alone in her room, she uses a breast pump in the hopes of increasing her bust size to the point that she will not have to wear the fake breasts around Takayuki anymore. She is shocked and horrified when he emerges from her closet, now aware to the truth of her breasts and the embarrassing methods she uses in a futile attempt to stimulate growth. Her weakness is her hyper-sensitive breasts, and Takayuki uses this to his advantage to get her aroused and willing to have sex with him. Afterwards, she is more comfortable about her small breasts whenever she is around him, but is still embarrassed over how small they are compared to the bust she achieved with the fake bust. In addition, she learns from Takayuki as to why the breast pump would never work for her, when he begins using his penis pump in front of her as a example of how it fails to do anything for him.

Tsuneko: The strict, stern caretaker of her master Bocchama at his parent's elaborate mansion, Tsuneko spends her days trying to keep the new maids safe from the perverted schemes and plots of her sex-obsessed master. She is the one that has to keep rescuing the female servants from him on multiple occasions, and always puts him in a tight choke hold to restrain him from his perverted ways. After she hears him mutter about what he would want in a maid, she decides to help him achieve that fantasy by showing up to his room the following day in a skimpy maid outfit and without her glasses, which freaks out Bocchama when he first realizes who the "new" maid is. Seeing her in this revealing outfit and with her massive breasts on the verge of popping out of her top, he begins to become turned on to her, which she fails to notice in time. Unable to restrain himself from his perverted nature, he takes advantage of Tsuneko and after getting her aroused by fondling both her breasts and other areas, proceeds to engage in wild, passionate sex with her. Afterwards, she goes back to being her strict self around Bocchama, but since she enjoyed sleeping with him so much, she constantly swaps between being his strict caretaker in public and his sex slave whenever they are alone together to satisfy her new-found sex life.

Bocchama: The rich, perverted son of a wealthy Japanese family, Bocchama constantly harasses the female servants and goes out of his was to grope the new maids that his family has to constantly hire since they usually resign after experiencing his perverted schemes. He is watched over by his female caretakerTsuneko and has no interest in her, thinking of her as "old" compared to the hot, young maids that the family constantly hires for the mansion. He is blown away when he wakes up to see that his newest hot maid in his room turns out to be Tsuneko in a skimpy maid outfit and without her glasses. Unable to restrain himself from his perverted ways, he begins to put the moves on her and eventually gets her into having sex with him. Afterwards, he is surprised when she returns to her strict, stern ways with him, but is relieved when she reverts back to her new, sex-starved ways whenever they are alone. They become madly in love with each other, and much to Bocchama's delight, she continues to allow him to have his way with her voluptuous body.


In the main story and the several side stories, the characters in Maid Bride encounter their story in several various locations that are spread out over Japan. The main locations visited in the duration of the manga are listed below:

  • Kubota Ayurarou's Apartment (Akria & Kubota)
  • The bedroom of the White Princess (White Princess & Zande)
  • Roof of High School and Yuuko's House (Yuuko & Kishita)
  • In the Ocean and in Yuuki's Bedroom (Yuuki & Yuuki's Boyfriend)
  • Hosokawa Hazuki's Bedroom (Takayuki & Hosokawa)
  • Master Bocchama's Bedroom (Tsuneko & Bocchama)

Other Media

As of today, the story and characters of Maid Bride have not been published or featured in other media outside of the current H-manga that they are featured in. However, both Akira Midorikawa and Tsuneko has been made into several anime figures that are available for purchase at various anime figure stores/sites. Below is an example of one of the Akira and Tsuneko figures that is currently on the market (rated 18+ due to the Adult Content, Nudity, and Suggestive Themes):

1/6th Scale Maid Bride Tsuneko PVC Figure (18+)
1/6th Scale Maid Bride Tsuneko PVC Figure (18+)
Akira Midorkawa Figure (Maid Bride)
Akira Midorkawa Figure (Maid Bride)
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Maid Bride
Aug. 5, 2009
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