Oh Yeah, More MahoroMatic, Too

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How many of you guys have watched the first or second season of MahoroMatic? The pervy comedy features Mahoro, a flat-chested battle android with a limited lifespan. Thanks to her service for the organization VESPER, she's been granted the ability to live out the last 398 days of her life as she chooses...and she chooses to live them with the son of her commander, who she was forced to kill when he was taken hostage by an alien.

Ahem. So she becomes the boy's maid. Suguru Misato is a normal high school kid-- a good guy with a penchant for large busts. He's surrounded by female classmates who like him, and a homeroom teacher who, well, lusts after him. And Mahoro. And crazy adventures happen, sometimes involving beaches, sometimes involving onsen, and sometimes involving alien invaders or other robots. And later, a second battle android joins the household.

Into this franchise comes a new special, MahoroMatic Tadaima*Okaeri. The previous anime were both co-developed by Gainax and Shaft, and directed by Gainax co-founder Hiroyuki Yamaga, but the Summer Special and now the new special will be directed by Shouji Saeki. The anime is based on the manga by artist Bow Ditama (of Kyou no Go no Ni/Kiss X Sis fame) and Bunjuurou Nakayama (Shiina Dark, Ushio and Tora). 
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one thing to say about that
  though i'm curioues to see how they will do it, the ending of the second season didn;t leave much room for a new series
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For some reason I read it as MariaHolic, and then I considered posting a video from Hare+Guu, wait, what?
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Wow, another season of a mediocre pervo show? Awesome.

Actually, some moments were funny, but not enough to keep me interested past maybe half of the first season.

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