Mahmai Moi

Mahmai Moi is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Mahmai Moi is a member of the secret organization NEO, president of the Gourmet Tourism Public Company and one of the worlds wealthiest men.


The only knowledge of Mahmai Moi's origin is that he has been the president of one of the largest companies in the world and at some point he joined the NEO organization.


Mahmai Moi is an antagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


There has been no notable evolution to Mahmai Moi's character since his introduction.


Mahmai Moi is an elderly man with a slightly husky build. He is of average height with dark skin and white hair including a full mustache and beard.


Despite being one of the top brass of NEO, Mahmai Moi doesn't seem to be overly cold or cruel. He is usually seen smiling and he has shown to care for his valued subordinates like Nakaume.


Mahmai Moi has had no apparent meaningful relationships up to this point. However he works closely alongside Joa, Mokkoi, and Darnil Khan. He also values Nakaume as a chef despite having numerous great chefs at his disposal.

Story Arcs

Mahmai Moi is first seen on a space ship arriving back to earth, ending his six month space trip. He was accompanied by an attractive young woman and in the seats in front of him was his personal chef Nakaume. He is later seen observing the Cooking Festival, and when the Bishokukai arrived and invaded the Festival, he continued to observe, seemingly entertained by it.

A short while later Mahmai Moi, now indoors was in a meeting with King Darnil Khan and Trillionaire Mokkoi, discussing prospects for the NEO organization, which they revealed themselves to be part of. Kuriboh, entered the room, holding Mahmai Moi's personal chef Nakaume in his hand. He said that Nakaume was eavesdropping on their conversation and asked if he could kill him. Mahmai Moi said no and that he valued Nakaume as a chef despite not being in the top 100 rankings.

At the end of the battle at Cooking Festival, Bishokukai Boss Midora's monstrously powerful attack the Meteor Spice had nearly reached Cooking Island. Joa dispatched his Tokage beast and it retrieved Mahmai Moi and all NEO members present on the island before the Meteor Spice struck.

Powers & Abilities

There is currently nothing indicating that Mahmai Moi has any significant powers or abilities.

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Name: Mahmai Moi
Name: マーマイ モイ
Romanji: Mamai Moi
Gender: Male
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1st anime movie:
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