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Ako Atarashi

A member of the Achiga Girls Academy Mahjong Club, she transferred from her old school when she saw Nodoka win a Mahjong tournament.

Arata Sagimori

A junior of Achiga Girls Academy. Arata idolizes Harue Akado and only joined the Mahjong club when she heard Harue was playing again.

Harue Akado

Former Achiga Girls Academy student, Harue ran the old Mahjong club for kids until she was scouted by a pro-Mahjong company.

Momoko Touyoko

Momoko is a first year Tsuruga Academy. She has a lacking presence, and often goes unnoticed by others despite her efforts to gain attention. She joins the Mahjong Club after meeting Yumi Kajiki through a LAN game of Mahjong.and can use that lacking presence to her advantage in Matches.

Saki Miyanaga

Saki Miyanaga is a freshman student. She's very shy and timid. She doesn't enjoy playing Mah Jong, despite the fact that she is very skilled at it. She always manages to achieve a score of plus-minus zero--a nearly impossible feat.

Shizuno Takakamo

Third year student and co-founder of the Achiga Girls Academy Mahjong Club

Yū Matsumi

A senior at Achiga Girls Academy and Kuro Matsumi's older sister. She is very sensitive to cold and is seen in heavy clothing because of it.

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