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Animated sequences as part of a how-to guide to completing the simulation game Mahjong Quest, in which the player gets to see all 25 nubile opponents as well as the ending of the game, for those who weren't good enough to finish it by themselves. Bonus footage of the girls only just qualifies this release as an anime, as opposed to a rather futile spin-off from a video game.


2001. TV series. dir: Hiroyuki Yamaga. scr: Hiroyuki Yamaga. des: Kazuhiro Takamura. ani: N/C. mus: N/C. prd: Gainax, Shaft, BS-i. 25 mins. x 12 eps., (TV1), 25 mins. x 14 eps. (TV2), 24 mins. (sp.).

After long and faithful service as a Vesper Hyper Soldier fighting alien invaders in outer space, android Mahoro V1046 is permitted to choose her retirement posting. In a triumph for female subservience, she elects to live at her former commanding officer's house and work as a maid for his teenage son. However, her retirement is short-lived, not only because she is told to expect only 350 remaining operational days, but also because menaces keep on arriving and forcing her to blow her mundane cover. Mahoromatic channels chunks of the same studio's Gunbuster, with bawdy gags about breasts, self-consciously silly poetry, and the constant threat of alien attack forcing Mahoro to come out of retirement, its heroine a disposable girlfriend with a ticking time limit, like the famous Limit the Miracle Girl. When Japanese boys are Suguru's age, a "350-day" deadline isn't the time limit on a robot girlfriend; it's a reminder that college exams and the adult responsibilities that follow are less than a year away. Deep down, with its schooldays nostalgia and its ticking time limit, Mahoromatic is really about that other perennial Gainax subject-staying forever young.

In a "twist" reminiscent of Tenchi Muyo!, a second robot companion arrived for the sequel series M: Something More Beautiful (2002). The one-shot Mahoromatic Summer Special (2003) features a decision by the "girls" to hunt down and destroy every one of the boys' pornographic magazines, leading to a light-hearted variant on the themes of treasure hunting and saving the world. Based on the manga in Comic Gamu by Monjuro Nakayama and Bow Ditama.

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Name: MahJong Quest
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1992
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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