Mahiru Sakai

Mahiru Sakai is a anime/manga character in the Tari Tari franchise
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Wakana's mother, who died. She was a singer.


Mahiru asks Wakana to sing with her
Mahiru asks Wakana to sing with her

She was a skilled singer in Shirohamazaka High School along with Shiho and the Vice Principal (Takakura Naoka) who were in her Choir Club. After marrying Keisuke Sakai, she had bore a daughter named Wakana Sakai. She loved her daughter dearly and often plays the piano and sings for her. When she diagnosed with an illness, she asked Wakana to sing with her. However, Wakana would often reject her offer. When Wakana finds out her mother had died at the hospital, Wakana reads Mahiru's letter where Mahiru wrote that she wanted to hear her daughter's voice before she died.


Wakana Sekai is originally created by Evergreen and illustrated by Tomiyaki Kagisora. She first appears in Tari Tari volume ? and Tari Tari episode 4: Getting Angry and Dancing. She is voiced by Sayaka Ohara.



Mahiru is a beautiful, young woman who bears a similar resemblance to her daughter, Wakana. Like Wakana, she has brown eyes and black hair which is normally tied in a ponytail. The only slight difference between Mahiru and Wakana is their bangs that drape on their foreheads. Mahiru has a straight cut while Wakana has multiple strands.


She is sweet and endearing woman who cares so much for her daughter. Despite how Wakana who yelled at her and rejected her request to sing with her, Mahiru always smile at her daughter.


Mahiru and her daughter
Mahiru and her daughter
She maintains a great relationship with Wakana, but when Wakana got older, Mahiru finds Wakana distancing herself from her. Mahiru cares for Wakana and wishes her good luck. Yet, Wakana does not thank or even smile at her mother. During the times when Mahiru is sick, she is very optimistic and requests her daughter to sing with her. However, Wakana always declined due to her studies.
Takakura and Shiho
Takakura and Shiho
Takakura Naoko is the present vice principal; she and Shiho Okita are friends as well as choir club members with Mahiru.

Story Arcs

None because Mahiru Sakai only appeared in flashbacks due to her dying before the main story of Tari Tari began.

Voiced by
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Sayaka Ohara
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Name: Mahiru Sakai
Name: Mahiru 坂井
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Tari Tari #4
1st anime movie:
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