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Magikano is an anime series in the Magikano franchise
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Haruo is a ordinary high school student who lives with his three sisters Maika, Chiak, and Fuyuno. Haruo and his family come from a long line of magic users. Unfortunately he has no powers of his own, so his sisters try and keep there powers secret from him effectively allowing him to live a normal life, and say he ever sees something he shouldn't, they got memory hammers to erase his memory. Things get complicated though when they hire a maid, Ayumi, a girl who has been cursed and now has to at least sleep with Haruo to break the curse or else she will loose all magical powers.

Story Review

The story is actually pretty bad. the dialog for the most part is terrible, though delivers with fairly decent voice acting. though you will get a few gems (the line "oh, hey Maika, whats up, excluding Haruo's hand up my skirt" comes to mind), also they use the word bitch a lot, i'm guessing in an attempt to distract us from the horrible dialog. I was also annoyed by the fact that in just about every episode the screen would pop to a teacher, Hongo, for no apparent reason other then to say hey dumb ass, she's impotent. as for the ending, it was extremely unsatisfying, resolving nothing.


This Actually seems a cut below your average anime though not by much to take much notice


The anime can be entertaining if you ignore the story. it doesn't seem to revolve around perverted jokes like you would think and the voice acting is decent


Story is uninspired. The dialog is terrible, and it uses the word Bitch to much.

In Conclusion
Magikano is a anime to watch if you have are very, very bored and out of options. though it has some funny moments over all it just falls flat
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