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Magician's Academy is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 6 manga series
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Agaliarept is a high class demon who is an otaku and a moe expert and First President of the Underworld Dark Moe Anime League.


Dwarfs are the magical workers that are summoned in to repair any damaged caused either in Magician's Academy or the real world.

Eitaro Sakuma

Eitaro Sakuma is apart time teacher at Magician's Academy and a rabid otaku of games and moe culture.

Eneus the Bergest

Eneus the Bergest is the summoned demon familiar of Eitaro Sakuma. Always lady-like, she is often keeping Eitaro in line and on schedule.

Falche the Variable Wand

Falche the Variable Wand is a magical item that can take human form, but was never given a purpose before her creator died. She now lives with Takuto, Suzuho, and Tanarotte.


Falchesque was a demon lord who was renowned for creating powerful magical items.


Fermi is the masochistic maid of Agaliarept, who loves to receive his punishment.

Futaba Kirishima

Futaba Kirishima is a classmate of Takuto Hasegawa. She has a crush on him and is often trying to invite him to go out.


George is a student at Magician's Academy who originally avoided Matallis' romantic advances until he turned to Suzuho.


A mid class level 3 angel who is a masochist and a pansexual. Known for french kissing anything that moves.

Hazuki Kirishima

Hazuki Kirishima is Futaba's twin brother and is often the victim of his sister's anger.


Metallis is a robotic student of Magician's Academy that is powered by magic. He has a deep love for his friend George.


Miyabi is god who was ordered to eliminate Tanarotte with her demon partner Synclavia the Siren. After that failed, now they are the servants of Eitaro Sakuma.

Next-Door Neighbor

Next-Door Neighbor is the neighbor of Takuto Hasegawa in his apartment building and often listens into the conversations with the wrong idea.

Portal Izumo

Portal Izumo is the gateway between Earth and the Magician's Academy.

Professor Fablom

Professor Fablom is a high ranked teacher at Magician's Acamdemy that is always chained to the ceiling.

Professor Frankram Stein

Professor Frankram Stein is an otaku animal-ear loving teacher at Magician's Academy.

Professor Sagami

Professor Sagami is a teacher of Magician's Academy and Golem expert and adviser of the discipline committee. He is a being that uses a magical doll for a body.

Suzuho Hasegawa

Suzuho Hasegawa is an ultra-shy young girl who doesn't say a word. She has a brash, blue-haired split personality that is only revealed when she removes the magic inhibiting ribbon on her hair

Synclavia the Siren

Synclavia the Siren is a demon who was ordered to eliminate Tanarotte with her god partner Miyabi. After that failed, now they are the servants of Eitaro Sakuma.

Takuto Hasegawa

Takuto Hasegawa is a magical student who accidentally summoned a young girl he named Tanarotte.


Tanarotte is a magical being with incredible strength. She was summoned by Takuto Hasegawa. She is neither a demon nor a god.


Trinshia is the artificial divinity of Magician's Academy that assists students in their exams and overall guide.

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