Magical Princess Minky Momo

Magical Princess Minky Momo is an anime series in the Magical Princess Minky Momo franchise
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Minky Momo (Gigi) is a princess from the magical dreamland of Fenalinasa who has been sent to Earth where she poses as the daughter of two vets, albeit one who can transform (in the style of Creamy Mami) into a grown-up magical heroine, accompanied by her magical companions, Sindbook the dog, Mocha the monkey, and Pipil the bird. Perhaps unnaturally popular in the midst of the "Lolita complex" fad that also produced Cream Lemon, she returned on several occasions, including the three-minute short Creamy Mami vs. Minky Momo (1985) and Minky Momo: La Ronde in My Dream (1985), released in the U.S. as Gigi and the Fountain of Youth. In this 80-minute video, also screened theatrically, her human parents' plane crashes in the sea, and Momo discovers a tropical island, above which floats a children's paradise where nobody ever ages. The island's ruler Peter (an obvious reference to Peter Pan and Wendy) enlists Momo's help in holding off unsavory outsiders, including the original master thief Lupin (not his grandson Lupin III).

After the original's apparent death and the destruction of Fenalinasa, a new Momo appeared in the 1991 TV series about a princess from the undersea kingdom of Marinnasa taking up the previous Momo's mantle and masquerading on Earth as the daughter of archaeologists searching for the ruins of Fenalinasa. Though the new Momo lost her powers in episode 62, she had three extra unbroadcast adventures that were included when the TV series was released on video in 1993, comprising SOS Marinnasa, Momo Goes to School, and A Favor from the Stars.

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General Information Edit
Name Magical Princess Minky Momo
Romaji: Maho no Princess Minky Momo
Publisher Production Reed
Start Year 1982
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Aliases Fairy Princess Minky Momo
Magical Princess Gigi
Recurring Appearances
Momo first in Episode #1
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