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Banisher is a powerful sword, only Lyos can use.

Book of Omens

An artifact that combines magic and technology, it's pages are blank, but when used properly the spirit of someone using the book is transported within it, and actually can live past events.


The Cassiopeia is a time machine in the shape of a pocket watch. Given to Negi during the Mahora Festival by his student Chao Lingshen.


Chastiefol is King's sacred treasure, it was created in the Fairy Realm

Code Of The Lifemaker

Code Of The Lifemaker is a tool of ultimate power, it have the power to control the magical world and its people

Comptina Daemonia

The Comptina Daemonia is a magical item that Nodoka uses to enhance her magical talents to read minds. It discovers a person's true name.

Cure D├ęcor

The special items that will revive the queen or transform to a Precure. It can be used with a Smile Pact.

Cure Module

The transformation device of Suite Pretty Cure. All four members must say "Let's Play! Precure Modulation!" and press the button on the bottom of the device in order for them to transform from human to Suite Pretty Cure! It can also be an organ to play music.

Demon's Blood Talismans

The Demon's Blood Talismans boost magic who every wear them

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit are a mystical fruit that can give the user, when eaten strange, but Interesting abilities. They are rare to find throughout the Grand Line, in One Piece.


Excalibur is associated with the Arthurian legend and the most famous named sword in the popular culture.

Fairy Tone

The eight magical items that accompanies Hummy in Suite Pretty Cure. Dory, Rery, Dodory, and Lary are needed for the transformation from Hibiki, Kanade, Ako, and Siren to Suite Pretty Cure when the Cure Module is merged with the tone.

Gate of Babylon

The King's Treasury, Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm in Fate/ Stay Night. It allows him to conjure his whole plethora of legendary weapons

Genie's Lamp

The home of Genie. Who ever holds can get 3 wishes from Genie.


Gideon is Diane's Sacred Treasure

Great Paru-Sama

A light freighter, purchased second-hand by Haruna


Grimoires are magical books, that increase magic powers of the user.

Gun Pod

Gun Pod is a small plane, specially design to take down a Mazoku

Heart Perfume

A transformation device used in Heartcatch Precure. It allows the user to transform using the Pretty Cure Seed. They can also use the item to spray on themselves to transform to its Pretty Cure form.

Heartcatch Mirage

A powerful item that was used by Cure Flower when she was young to defeat Dune. It also allows them to transform to their super form and unleash the Heartcatch Orchestra!

Hellmaster's Jar

The Hellmaster's Jar is a powerful magic item created by Rezo

Humpty Lock

A magical lock used by Amu Hinamori to complete her Character Transformation.

Invincible Ultimate Punchout Paws

The Invincible Ultimate Punchout Paws are a pair of over sized gloves invented by Eitaro Sakuma for Tanarotte, so she can focus her magic in combat.

Jewel of Four Souls

Also known as the Shikon Jewel, it was forged in the heat of combat between a priestess and a demon. The Jewel of Four Souls is said to amplify the powers of its wielder.

Magic Eye Shadow

A item Aimi Komori recieved from De-Mo that lets hear change her costume and grant her different abilities letting her become Shadow Lady.

Magical Jewel

A jewel or jewellery with magical abilities. It's quite common for female magicians.

Mini Eneus

The Mini Eneus are miniature magical copies of Eitaro Sakuma's familiar Eneus.


Montecchia is the magical item of Carina Verritti.

Negi's Wand

Negi's Wand is a gift from his father, Nagi Springfield.


The Orgue is a powerful weapon that use the emotions of its wielder for power

Pactio Card

A magical card given to a person who formed a contract with a Magi.

Power Pole

The Power Pole is an indestructible magical staff that can extend to extreme lengths.

Pretty Cure Seed

This seed allows them to transform to its Pretty Cure form by saying "Pretty Cure, open my heart!"

Rave (Holy Bring)

A Rave (Holy Bring) has the power to destroy Dark Bring. Resha Valentine only created five raves which is only to be used by the Rave Master.


Rubilax is a powerful ShuShu that is trap inside a dagger

Slash Breath

Slash Breath is a magically imbued blade created from the tooth of a dragon.

Smile Pact

The transformation device of Smile Precure. It allows the girls to transform by using the Cure Decors.

Stone of Gelel

A object seen in the second Naruto film. The Stone of Gelel is a source of life energy contained in a mineral that grants incredible regenerative powers, longevity, electricity, and transformation.

Sword of Light

The Sword of Light is a magical weapon held in the Gabriev family for generations.

Sword of Omens

A powerful weapon wielded by Lion-O. It can only be wielded against evil.


A sword of great power, wielded by InuYasha.

Transformation Brooch

This item is used by Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon to transform into their magical forms.

Transformation Wand

This magical item is used by the Sailor Senshi to transform into their magical form.


A short, stick-like object used for casting magic. Mostly used by witches and other kinds of magicians.

Zanaffar Armor

Zanaffar Armor is an armor that protect the user from magic at a cost


A physical manifestation of Ichigo's soul in the form of a sword. Ichigo's weapon against the Hollows.


A Zanpakuto is a sword wielded by a Soul Reapers to destroy Hollows. They can appear to be many different styles of swords or bladed weapon.

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