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Magical Item is a anime/manga thing
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Ark is the last paradise of humans, it the only place safe from the Mazoku.

Death City

Death City is the home town in the Soul Eater series and of the Death Weapon Meister Academy, Shibusen. The city sometimes called Death Vegas due to being located in Nevada, United States.


Jinbo-cho is a big city, where many different species come to

Lyonesse Kingdom

Lyonesse once was a fair Kingdom, until the Holy Knights overthrow the King and listed martial law

Mundus Magicus

The Magical World of Negima! is a mystical world of different nations that exists on the planet Mars.

Red World

The Red World is one of the many universe, that Lord Of Nightmares created


Ruvinagald is a kingdom, who buy magic tank


Sairaag home to the Giant Tree Flagoon

Ti Toh

Ti Toh is the imperial capital of Kunan


Tristania is a country in which is located Tristain Academy of Magic.

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