Magical Item Concepts

Magical Item is a anime/manga thing
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Ala Alba

A group made by Negi's students to help him find his missing Father

Ala Rubra

A powerful group of Mages, that save the Magical World

Cosmo Entelecheia

Cosmo Entelecheia is a secret society

Demon Card

Demon Card is a major organization who uses the dark powers of the Dark Bring to bring evil and violence in the world.


Explosions are featured in a wide array of anime/manga, created from various weapons/attacks.


As the name suggests, it's a situation where a character's gender is switched.


A Guild is a group of people working together and learning from each other


The Japanese word for "transformation," literally meaning, to change or transform the body. Generally used in tokusatsu and magical girl series.


Created by the power of the god-like Moderators, Kampfers are specialized female fighters who harbor specialized talents and fighting skills in order to carry out the eternal war between the Red and Blue Moderators. Kampfers fight against each other to the death.


Magic is an often used term in fiction. It is the concept of affecting the universe through supernatural methods and breaking the physical laws.


In Rave Master, it is an explosion that wipes out one-tenth of the world's population. Occurs twice in the series.


The character is adept at casting magic. In addition using spells is an integral part of his/her fighting style

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins are the strongest Knights in Lyonesse, they all bare the mark of the seven beasts for there past crimes

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