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Magical Girl is a anime/manga concept
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Barrier Jacket

The Barrier Jacket are clothes that magical girls (sometimes boys) transform into, in the Nanoha series. Serves as Magical armor created by a mage's intelligence device to protect one from harm.

ChibiMoon Compact

The transformation brooch that ChibiUsa uses in order to transform into Super Sailor ChibiMoon.

Cosmic Heart Compact

Sailor Moon's Transformation Brooch she used throughout Sailor Moon S.

Crisis Moon Compact

The transformation brooch given to Usagi by Pegasus it was used throughout Sailor Moon SuperS.

Crystal Hearts

The currency for the Magical World in Sugar Sugar Rune as well as their power supply. The candidates for the Magical World's Queen has to collect the most of these to win the throne.

Crystal Star

Usagi Tsukino's transformation device she used during Sailor Moon R.

Cure Module

The transformation device of Suite Pretty Cure. All four members must say "Let's Play! Precure Modulation!" and press the button on the bottom of the device in order for them to transform from human to Suite Pretty Cure! It can also be an organ to play music.

Cutie Moon Rod

Sailor Moon's weapon she used throughout Sailor Moon R. IT was given to her by her mother along with the Star Crystal.

Heart Perfume

A transformation device used in Heartcatch Precure. It allows the user to transform using the Pretty Cure Seed. They can also use the item to spray on themselves to transform to its Pretty Cure form.

Heart Pot

A small container used for containing Heart Seeds. It is also used by Yuri Tsukikake to turn into Cure Moonlight.

Heartcatch Mirage

A powerful item that was used by Cure Flower when she was young to defeat Dune. It also allows them to transform to their super form and unleash the Heartcatch Orchestra!

Imperium Silver Crystal

This magic crystal belongs to Sailor Moon and is the key to all her power. It marks her as the Moon Princess. It is extremely powerful and is sought by countless villains.

Jet Striker

The Jet Striker is the latest in design for the Striker Units of the Strike Witches.

Kaleidomoon Scope

Sailor Moon's weapon she uses in SuperS. It was given to her by Pegasus to fight the Dead Moon Circus and their Lemures.

Magic Eye Shadow

A item Aimi Komori recieved from De-Mo that lets hear change her costume and grant her different abilities letting her become Shadow Lady.

Magical Jewel

A jewel or jewellery with magical abilities. It's quite common for female magicians.

Prism Heart Compact

The transformation Brooch used by ChibiUsa.

Raising (Raging) Heart

A red, magical jewel that transforms Nanoha into a mage. Furthermore, it is an "intelligent device" meaning it has a conciousness, allowing it to communicate aloud, feel emotions and act on its own.

Soul Gem

A gem that holds a magical girl's power, which its user can use to transform. The gem glows whenever a witch or one of its familiars is nearby.

Spiral Heart Moon Rod

Sailor Moon's weapon she receives in episode 091. It was created by the love Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion's love during the Silver Millenium.

Star Power Stick

The transformation device the Sailor Senshi used during Sailor Moon R and S.

Striker Units

Striker Units are devices that are powered by magic. They are used by the Strike Witches forces for transportation on land or in the air.

Time Key Staff

This special key shaped staff allows Sailor Pluto to open the Gates of Time and Space. It can also be used as a weapon. The garnet orb on top of it is one of the three Talismans that form the Holy Grail.

Transformation Brooch

This item is used by Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon to transform into their magical forms.

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