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Magical Girl is a anime/manga concept
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Ahiru is a duck, who is also a girl, who is also princess Tutu; she is charged with the task of returning Prince Mytho his heart, piece by piece.

Ai Shinozaki

A "Lone Wolf" Corrector, from the second season of "Corrector Yui". Until the 50th episode, she was shown wearing Black Visors.

Aiko Senoo

Aimi Komori

A shy, sweet, and innocent girl who was given the magic eye shadow which gave her the ability to transform into the mysterious thief Shadow Lady.

Akari Taiyou

Akari Taiyou is the protagonist in Day Break Illusion franchise. Her tarot is "The Sun"

Amaki Suwa

Amaki Suwa is one the 504th Joint Fighter Wing from the Fuso Empire as part of the 47th Flying Squadron.

Amara Tenoh

Amara or Haruka Tenoh is a famed race car driver. Furthermore, she is Sailor Uranus. She belongs to the Outer Senshi. She is a close partner with and lover of Sailor Neptune. She is headstrong and powerful. She wields the Space Sword.

Ami Mizuno

Ami Mizuno is a genius schoolgirl who transformers alongside Usagi and the rest of the group fight against evil and protect Sailor Moon as the Sailor Scouts. Ami has power of ice and water, and is the tactitian of the team.

Amu Hinamori

My Heart: UNLOCK!


Papillon Lily

Aqua Regina

The ocean goddess who gives the Mermaid Princesses new songs and upgrades for their gear.

Asa Shigure

Atsuko Kagami

A young girl who after burying a broken mirror from her family, is visited by the Queen of the Mirror Kingdom and is given a magical compact with the ability to turn into anything she desires.

Ayumu Aikawa

Aikawa Ayumu is just your ordinary Highschool student. One fateful night, he was killed by a serial killer. He wakes up as a zombie revived by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellsythe.


Behoimi is a student in Class 1-D

Berry Shirayuki

The protagonist of Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode. She is the Sixth Mew and is the temporary leader of the group while Ichigo is away. She gets infused with the Andres Mountain Cat and the Amami Black Rabbit.

Candy Mieux

The queen of the Magical World and daughter of Vanilla, whom is running to take her place.

Carina Verritti

Carina Verritti is Leicester's childhood friend. She is a mage of the land and flies using a large paddle. Head of the Oasis Clan.

Chibi Chibi

Chibi Chibi is a small mysterious girl who appears in Sailor Moon Stars. She can transform into Sailor Chibi Moon.

Chihaya Hiiragi

The main protagonist of Magical Canan. She cantransform into the Magical Warrior Carmein with the help of Natsuki.

Chocolat Meilleure

Main protagonist of Sugar Sugar Rune and the daughter of Cinnamon, her deceased mother.


The strongest Masō-Shōjo who used to be Ariel's top pupil but was turned into a plain middle-aged man by the Queen's curse because she was purported to be the leader of a coup that Ariel concocted a century before the events of the series.


Mermaid Princess of the South Pacific Ocean and keeper of the yellow pearl.


Is a ghost of an young girl of an noble family, during the Holy Romen Empire.

Erika Kurumi

One of the main characters in the anime Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. She transforms into Cure Marine.

Eucliwood Hellsythe

A necromancer who lives in the Underworld who resurrected Ayumu Aikawa as a Zombie to be her bodyguard and a constant companion. Due to her immense amount of mana she is unable to speak. She communicates with either a simple smile or by writing her thoughts and ideas.

Fate Testarossa

Ginka Shirokane

Shirokane Ginka is a magical girl that fights with an axe. Her tarot is "Temperance".

Hanon Houshou

Hanon is the Mermaid Princess of the South Pacific Ocean, and the keeper of the Aqua Pearl.


A self-proclaimed 'masō-shōjo' from a magical world who wields a chainsaw named Mystletainn and battles demons known as Megalos.

Haruna Kisaragi

Best friend of Corrector Yui.

Hayate Yagami

Master of the Book of Darkness(Reinforce now). She went from a powerless crippled mage to the commander of the Riot Force 6

Hibiki Houjou

One of the main characters in the anime Suite Pretty Cure♪. She transforms into Cure Melody.

Hibiki Tachibana

A classmate of Tsubasa Kazanari who whilst attending a ZweiWing concert two years ago, was nearly killed by the Noise, barely surviving thanks to the sacrifice of Kanade. She gains Symphogear powers due a fragment of Kanade's armor that entered her body that day.

Hikari Kujou

One of the main characters in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. She transforms into Shiny Luminous and is able to enhance Cure White and Cure Black's powers.

Hikaru Shidou

Hikaru is a character in CLAMP's manga and anime series Magic Knight Rayearth. She is compassionate and somewhat naive. Her element is fire.

Hime Azumi

She is a character in the one-shot manga series "Tokyo Black Cat Girl", and is the main protagonist of the story.

Himeko Nonohara

Himeko is the protagonist of Hime-chan's Ribbon.

Himeno Awayuki

Hinagiku Tamano

Hinata Taiyo

Hinata Taiyo is Akari's late mother and a fortune teller.

Homura Akemi

A magical girl who transfers into Madoka's school who tries to prevent her from becoming a magical girl.

Honey Kisaragi

A android girl who fights crime and to avenge the death of her father with the powers she gains from the Cutie System. She calls herself the warrior of love and she`s the first magical girl.

Honoka Yukishiro

One of the main characters in the anime Futari wa Pretty Cure. She transforms into Cure White.

Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe is a character in the anime/manga Sailor Moon. She is Sailor Saturn and the last to join the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Saturn is known as the Messiah of Silence, and it is feared she will destroy the world if awakened. She wields the Silence Glaive.

Ibuki Heike

Agedama's love interest. She initially acted out as Damsel-in-Distress. However, as the TV series comes to an end (most exactly, in 49th episode), she reveals out to be Fighter Magic Girl - Wonder Ibuki.

Ichigo Momomiya

Leader of Mews Mews, which have to fight against aliens. Ichigo is sunny and cheerful person, until she gets in awkward situation or someone makes her angry.

Illyasviel von Einzbern

A German aristocrat who came to Japan to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War. She is the Master of Berserker and has excellent control of him.

Ink Nijihara

Inori Yamabuki

One of the main characters in the anime Fresh Pretty Cure!. She transforms into Cure Pine.

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