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Magic is a anime/manga concept
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Age Misrepresentation Pastilles

Age Misrepresentation Pastilles are red and blue magic candies that causes the illusion of the body to temporarily change ages from older or younger.

Aladdin's Staff

Aladdin's Stone Staff was Aladdin's first staff that was obtained from Amon's Dungeon. Its appearances change from stone to wood like.

Arm Devices (AD Bands)

Arm Bands or AD bands allows one to form weapons using their magic.

Armadura Fairy Armor

According to Erza, this is her strongest armor.

Auris Recitans

The Auris Recitans is a magical item that is normally used to read text aloud, but when combined with Nodoka's artifact. It increases her abilities.


Banisher is a powerful sword, only Lyos can use.

Barrier Jacket

The Barrier Jacket are clothes that magical girls (sometimes boys) transform into, in the Nanoha series. Serves as Magical armor created by a mage's intelligence device to protect one from harm.

Book of Darkness

A tome containing 666 pages of powerful magical spells. Pages are regain through the absorption of linker cores of mages.

Boots of Hermes

These are Erica's shoes that she uses them to jump higher.

Carbuncle Gem

The Carbuncle Gem is a magical crystite stone that is used to communicate with the magical dragon Garnet.


The Cassiopeia is a time machine in the shape of a pocket watch. Given to Negi during the Mahora Festival by his student Chao Lingshen.


Chastiefol is King's sacred treasure, it was created in the Fairy Realm

Code Of The Lifemaker

Code Of The Lifemaker is a tool of ultimate power, it have the power to control the magical world and its people

Command Seal

A Command Seal is a type of magic used in Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night where a mage uses those seals to force their servants to do things against their will.

Comptina Daemonia

The Comptina Daemonia is a magical item that Nodoka uses to enhance her magical talents to read minds. It discovers a person's true name.

Crystal Hearts

The currency for the Magical World in Sugar Sugar Rune as well as their power supply. The candidates for the Magical World's Queen has to collect the most of these to win the throne.


Crystite is a mineral gem that absorbs El energy. When refined it's used in making automatons and various magical items.

Cuore di Leone

This is Erica Blandelli's sword in the Campione! series.

Dark Nimbus

The Dark Nimbus is a magical cloud like the Flying Nimbus, however it is dark in color and can carry people of an impure nature.

Demon's Blood Talismans

The Demon's Blood Talismans boost magic who every wear them

Disciplinary Golems

The Disciplinary Golems are special mechanical golems created from the earth by Professor Sagami as part of the Disciplinary Golem Squad.


The Apostle-slaying weapon of the Black Swordsman


The strongest Noble Phantasm of Gilgamesh and known to Fate/Stay Night. It's attack Emuma Elish can tear apart the surrounding space, leaving a void of destruction.

Earth Dragon Balls

A set of seven crystalline spheres found on Planet Earth, which are used to summon Shenron to grant wishes.

Eclipse Gate

Eclipse Gate is a time portal which Future Lucy and Future Rogue used. The gate absorbs magic from any mage using a spell within its range.

Eye of the Rukh

Eye of the Rukh is a magic tool that lets you communicate long distances.

Final Elphangar

Final Elphangar is a summoned magical robot that was used by Miyabi.

Flight Armor

Erza's leopard print covered armor is used to increase Erza's speed and agility but at the cost for defense.

Galaxy Cauldron

This magic "cauldron" is located in the center of the universe, on Saggitarius Star Zero. From this cauldron, all living things and stars are born.

Gate of Babylon

The King's Treasury, Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm in Fate/ Stay Night. It allows him to conjure his whole plethora of legendary weapons

Gene Starwind's Caster Gun

Gene Starwind's Caster Gun is a special kind of rare mechanical weapon that is an example of lost technology. They can only fire a rare form of magic powered shells.

Genie's Lamp

The home of Genie. Who ever holds can get 3 wishes from Genie.


Gideon is Diane's Sacred Treasure

Golden Sword

This sword can cut through God's Divination in the Campione! franchise.

Graf Eisen

The Intelligence Device of Vita-chan. Takes the form of a mallet and speaks German.

Great Paru-Sama

A light freighter, purchased second-hand by Haruna


Grimoires are magical books, that increase magic powers of the user.

Gun Pod

Gun Pod is a small plane, specially design to take down a Mazoku


Habaraki is a magical spear used by Dan Straight. It can change the size of objects and living things.

Helena's Nail

From the religion of Christianity, Alexander Anderson used this on his body, becoming an unidentified creature made out of thorns and vines called the Monster of God.

Hellmaster's Jar

The Hellmaster's Jar is a powerful magic item created by Rezo

Imperium Silver Crystal

This magic crystal belongs to Sailor Moon and is the key to all her power. It marks her as the Moon Princess. It is extremely powerful and is sought by countless villains.

Jet Striker

The Jet Striker is the latest in design for the Striker Units of the Strike Witches.

Klarer Wind

A device of Shamal that is used for support rather than battle. They can heal when in ring form or make portals/binds when in pendulum form.


Signum's intelligence device that speaks German. Taking the form of a sword, and can turn into a bladed whip.

Magic Tools (Magi)

Magic Tools serve various purposes from combat to recreational use.

Magical Item

They can be transformation items, weapons, or just about anything else-- but they are all magical!

Magical Jewel

A jewel or jewellery with magical abilities. It's quite common for female magicians.

Magical Letter

Magical Letters are devices used to communicate in the Magical World. They projects the sender that reads the message on the paper.

Magnificent Lightning

The JZW1 Magnificent Lightning is the latest prototype of Striker Units. Finally completed and piloted by Yoshika Miyafuji.

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