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Magic is a anime/manga concept
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The kingdom of Alto have been at war with Baritone for many years

Babel Academy

Babel Academy is a school for the gifted interdimensional travelers of Hagure Yuusha no Estetica.


The kingdom of Baritone have been at war with Alto for many years

Celestial Spirit World

Celestial Spirit World is a location in the Fairy Tail franchise that is the home of the Celestial Spirits.

Constant Academy of Magical Arts

A magic school that teach their student how to use their powers. Students that graduate are promised jobs in imperial capital.

Dragon Ball Universe

The Dragon Ball Universe is where several manga series written by Akira Toriyama take place, including Dragon Ball, Neko Majin Z and Dr. Slump.


Edolas is an alternate dimension in the Fairy Tail universe, where magic is used in objects rather than by people, making it more like a fuel source than traditional magic.

Fuyuki City

The main location of Fate/ Stay Night and the place of the Holy Grail War. It has two districts separated by the river: Shinto and Miyama Town.

Gravekeeper's Palace

Is the hideout of Mage Of The Beginning and Cosmo Entelekheia

Lyonesse Kingdom

Lyonesse once was a fair Kingdom, until the Holy Knights overthrow the King and listed martial law

Magician's Academy

The Magician's Academy is a special school located in another realm where students of all kinds go to learn magic.


It's a country where magicians are the upper echelon.

Magnostadt Academy

Magnostadt Academy is a school for magicians.

Mahora Academy

A school in Japan that secretly has a number of magical students-- and teachers.

Matabi Academy

A fictional academy that exists in the "Cat Paradise" franchise. It is known for allowing it's students to keep cats in their dormitories.

Megalo Mesembria

Megalo Mesembria is the capital city of Mundus Magicus

Mundus Magicus

The Magical World of Negima! is a mystical world of different nations that exists on the planet Mars.

New Ostia

The last city of Ostia

Ohtori Academy

This is the school attended to by Utena Tenjou. It is the setting for all the events in the series Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Pixie Hollow

Pixie Hollow is the Never Fairies' kingdom, and every fairy who lives there has a special, extraordinary talent.

Red World

The Red World is one of the many universe, that Lord Of Nightmares created

Ross City

Ross City is a city in the Red Continent.


Saillune is the Capital of White Magic. Home of Phil, Amelia, and Naga


Sairaag home to the Giant Tree Flagoon


The mysterious world of the Angels, their Angeloid servants, and the sinister Man of Synapse. It currently orbits over the Earth inside a sphere of disturbance high in the atmosphere. It comes to a stop over the town of Sorami after Ikaros falls to Earth and into Tomoki's life.


Taforashia is a sister kingdom to Sairaag

The Moon

A natural satellite that currently orbits around Earth. The Moon is normally associated night time, and some say it possesses divine powers.

The Red Continent

The Red Continent is the location which th Manwha Legend of Tyr takes place.

The Ruined World

The Ruined World is the world of magicians in Mahou Sensou franchise.

The Tower of Heaven

One of eight towers that many dark mages tried to make in order to revive the dark mage Zeref. So far only this one remains and it is located in the Ka Elm Sea.

Ti Toh

Ti Toh is the imperial capital of Kunan

Tower Of Wind

The Tower Of Wind is the home to Vaalwin the Airlord


Tristania is a country in which is located Tristain Academy of Magic.

Vei Shii

Vei Shii is a small mining town, where Lyos grow up

World of Dragons

The World of Dragons is a magical realm where dragons live. Filled with crystite gems.

Zeus's Garden

The garden that Zeus created to keep the gods trapped with Yui. It is a wide island that floats high in the air with nothing but clouds surrounding it.

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