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Magic is a anime/manga concept
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504th JFW

504th Joint Fighter Wing is the Strike Witch squadron that was formed from witches from nations across the world in order to face the Neuroi threat.

Ala Alba

A group made by Negi's students to help him find his missing Father

Ala Rubra

A powerful group of Mages, that save the Magical World


This alchemy describes the one used in full metalchemist rather then the one in Busou Renkin Manga and Busou Renkin anime it workson the principal of equivalent exchange and has way different techniques,tabos it reallly hits an unused subject matter it also works with chimera alchemy(alchemy to cross fuse different animals via alchemy) as well as the taboo of alchemy human transmutation


One of the factions of the Aquarian Age series. The Arayashiki represent the eastern mages, primarily the onmyouji, who practice magic in theory with the Tao.

Back to life

Also known as resurrection. This is when a previously dead character is restored back to life.


An type of formal performance dancing that originated in the 15th century and evolved into an worldwide form of art.

Black Hole

Black Hole is a collapse star in space, that nothing can escape from it (usually in anime/manga, it is use for attacks)

Blue Pegasus Guild

One of the Guilds located in the country of Fiore. The Guildmaster of this Guild is Bob.

Breast Expansion

A concept typically found in hentai, but not limited to it, breasts may suddenly begin to grow larger in size with little or no explanation.

Cait Shelter

One of the top four magic guilds in Fiore. The Majority of Cait Shelter members are descendants of the "Nirvit race" who were responsible for the creation of Nirvana.


A chimera is an alchemical fusion between two or more beings.

Cosmo Entelecheia

Cosmo Entelecheia is a secret society

Crime Sorciere

Crime Sorciere is an independent guild in Fairy Tail.


A cult is a group of followers who worship a leader who is usually preaching a way of thinking they created. In anime and manga cults are usually villainous groups trying to take over the world or brainwash people.


A long-lasting spell that causes negative results to the cursed one and sometimes those around him/her.


Translates roughly to "big strange beast," and usually refers though not limited to the costumed monsters of tokusatsu as well as their own genre of live wrestling (in-costume, of course).

Dark Magical Girl

Dark Magical Girls are female characters that practice the dark form of magical arts.


Are powerful creatures that live in the pits of Hell. That are many classes and levels for these monsters but no matter the rank they are deadly beasts.

Dragon Slave

Dragon Slave is one of Lina Inverse most powerful spell.

Dragon Slayer Magic

Dragon Slayer Magic is a form of "Lost Magic" originally taught to humans in order to defeat real dragons.


A legendary creature that is typically reptilian, that can fly and can breathe fire and sometimes ice.


Elves are a race found in a lot of fantasy media. They are recognizable by their elongated ears and often have longer lifespans than humans.


Etherion is a powerful magic that exists in two franchises, Rave Master (first) and Fairy Tail (second). It has the power to destroy while having the power to create.


Explosions are featured in a wide array of anime/manga, created from various weapons/attacks.

Extreme Violence

It's use can be intended to be shockingly disturbing or hilariously absurd.


A small human like creature that has insect like wings and is seen in many fantasy stories around the world. The hellish verision of these creatures is called "Imp".

Fairy Tail (Guild)

A guild of magic-users who take on various freelance jobs in the nation of Fiore. Infamous as the most powerful guild...and quite possibly the most over-the-top one as well. The guild stresses freedom and brotherhood. The usual camaraderie between members centers towards drinking, fighting, and song.


A animal or even a person that is basically a slave to another person. Familiars typically are tame, obediant and magical, though not always.

Fantasy And Fairy Tales

A type of story often containing talking creatures and magical enchantments.

Fortune Telling

A fortune teller is a person with divine or magical powers who can tell various bits of personal information about an unknown person. She/he can tell the future, more often she/he can see one of many potential futures. Sometimes objects like tarot cards, tea leaves, crystal balls are used to assist the fortune teller in his/her reading.


As the name suggests, it's a situation where a character's gender is switched.


Genie are typically entities that can grant wishes. Some dwell in lamps.


A ghost is a dead persons spirit that roams the earth usually attached to where they died or refusing to go to the after life until there are finished on earth.

Giga Slave

Giga Slave is the strongest spell in the universe. If the user fail to cast it right, the universe will be destroyed.


A God can be a guardian or a ruler with nearly unlimited powers or sense of consciousness. Most of them are creators or controlers of a sertain element or concept, but there are also gods who are destroyers wile some can be both.

God Slayer Magic

God Slayer Magic is a form of "Lost Magic" similar to Dragon Slayer Magic, but generally considered even more powerful.


A Guild is a group of people working together and learning from each other


Gundo are magical imbued objects used by wizards of the Chaika - The Coffin Princess verse.


Made for adult eyes only, Hentai is the genre of anime and manga that focuses on sexually explicit material. Bow chicka wow wow.


A hermaphrodite is a being which possesses both male and female reproductive organs.


Characters with two different eye colors.


An Illusion is a condition of being deceived by a false perception or belief.


Created by the power of the god-like Moderators, Kampfers are specialized female fighters who harbor specialized talents and fighting skills in order to carry out the eternal war between the Red and Blue Moderators. Kampfers fight against each other to the death.


One of the four basic forms of Shinigami combat.

Lamia Scale

One of the top four Guilds in Fiore. Their Guild Master is Jura Nekis.


Legion is a group of powerful mages who hailed from Zentopia.

Magia Erebea

Created by Evangeline McDowell in her weak days

Magic Circuits

A type of pseudo-nervous system within the souls of magi that stimulates magic throughout their body.

Magical Girl

A fantasy sub-genre that features girls who magically transform into super-heroines and combat evil.

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