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Magic is a anime/manga concept
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Mage Of The Beginning

The first Mage and the Creator of the Magical World

Abe no Seimei

The leader of the organization Octobrist and was a famous Japanese specialist now a Drifter


Abigail is a former companion of Dark Schneider. Today he's following Kal Su in his attempt to awake the god Anthrax.


Agaliarept is a high class demon who is an otaku and a moe expert and First President of the Underworld Dark Moe Anime League.


Ahiru is a duck, who is also a girl, who is also princess Tutu; she is charged with the task of returning Prince Mytho his heart, piece by piece.

Aisha Coryell

Aisha Coryell is one of the four treasure hunters that took care of Nodoka in the Magical World. She's in love with Craig.

Akabara Straus

Former ruler of the Kingdom of Night. He betrayed and destroyed his own country due to mysterious reasons and seeks to ressurect her wife, the one who nearly destroyed the world once.

Akane Aikawa

Akari Taiyou

Akari Taiyou is the protagonist in Day Break Illusion franchise. Her tarot is "The Sun"

Akiha Tohno

Akiha is the caring younger sister of Shiki Tohno in Lunar Legend Tsukihime. She has a bit of a crush on her brother and as a result does not get along well with Arcueid Brunestud and Ciel.

Akihisa Yoshii

Possibly the biggest idiot in the world (or so his parents say), Akihisa is the only one whose summoned beast can be corporeal.


Main villain of Samurai Jack

Akuto Sai

A young man who was left abandoned on a doorstep as an infant due to his tragic fate, which he didn't learn about it until he grew up and went to attend Constant Magic Academy. Yes, Sai Akuto is going to become... the demon king.


A young Magi who possesses a magical flute with a Djinn inside it. He currently journeys with Alibaba and Morgiana along with new allies along the way.

Albert Chamomile

Negi Springfield's friend who is a perverted lingerie thief. He's a woman obsessed lecher, and is required to initiate a Pactio with his magic.

Albireo Imma

Albireo Imma is a member of the original Ala Rubra and Partner with Nagi Springfield. He prefers to be called Ku:nel Sanders.


The reigning Queen and victor of the past two Queen's Blade tournaments. Primary antagonist.

Aleister Crowley

The founder, leader, and General Superintendent of Academy City who holds power greater than that of the Board of Directors.


Almayce play a big part in Slayer TRY.

Alzack Connell

A immigrant from the West who joined the Fairy Tail guild. He has a crush on Bisca Mulan but is too shy to confess his love for her.

Amaki Suwa

Amaki Suwa is one the 504th Joint Fighter Wing from the Fuso Empire as part of the 47th Flying Squadron.

Amalia Sheran Sharm

Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm is a Sadida, a being who can communicate with planets, and a friend of Yugo's.

Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune

The young, buxom, justice-loving Princess of Saillune.

Ancient Spirits of Evil

The evil spirits who Mumm-Ra serves. They seem to be four entities who speak in unison indicating constant telepathic communication.

Annerose Vajra

The main heroine of the Koutetsu no majo Annerose series by Lilith-soft

Anya Cocolova

Negi's childhood friend and a witch on her own path to the title of Magister Magi. Sent to London as a fortune teller.


Apollonius is a mage who is part of the Al Sarmen organization.

April Landmark

April is a master detective, who work for the magic guild


Archer is the servant of Rin Tohsaka due to an slightly incomplete summoning process, Archer says he has no memories of who he really is. He tends to be very cynical, sarcastic, and a bit arrogant about his power/abilities.

Arika Anarchia Entheofushia

Arika Anarchia Entheofushia is the princess of Ostia in the Magical World. Known as the "Princess of Twilight" and the mother of Negi Springfield.


A servant that was summoned by Caster for the Holy Grail War. He was ordered to guard the entrance of Ryuudou Temple on Caster's behalf.

Ayano Kannagi

Ayano is the heir of the Kannagi family and the holder of Enraiha. She has a problem with anger management.

Ayanojyo Aburatsubo

The 3rd year and the vice president of the Magic Club. Aburatsubo is homosexual, but only shows affection toward Takakura; he never shows signs of being interested in any other boy.

Ayumi Tsuwabuki

Younger cloned version of Mayumi Tsuwabuki from whom Ren Kannagi falls in love.

Azaka Kokuto

The story has magic abilities and else inside it. For characters it means they're somehow associated with magic.(magicians,magic constructs etc

Azalie Cait Sith

Orphen's foster sister who were in the same orphanage and came to the Tower of Fangs together. She was turned into the Dragon "Bloody August" in a attempt to gain more power.

Baba Uranai

Baba Uranai or Fortuneteller Baba is a witch who first appears in the sixty- ninth episode on the Dragon Ball series.


Bacchus is the S mage of the Quatros Cerberus guild in the Fairy Tail franchise.


Ban is a immortal who is a member of The Deadly Seven Sins, and his sin is Fox Sin of Greed


Banter was a member of the Azure-Blood Clan until their demise. He then joined up with Tyr on his quest to find his brother.


A witch who used to steal the lives of men in order to maintain her youth. Kurohime defeated her and drained her of the energy she stole. She then possess a young girl named Yuka but was defeated again. She was revived by Sword and became a member of the Kurohime Punishment Squad.

Battler Ushiromiya

Battler Ushiromiya is the protagonist of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, tasked to prove that magic is not killing people on Rokkenjima.


Bayonetta is the main protagonist of Bayonetta: Bloody Fate. She is a powerful witch that fights using magic spells, various weapons, and her hair.


The main antagonist of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, she is Battler's main opponent in the Game.

Beatrix Monroe

Beatrix Monroe is the attendant to Emily Sevensheep. Childhood friends and Class Secretary of Class 3-C of the Magical Academy City.


the main character of '' beet the vandel buster''


Beorht is a wizard who appears in Transformers G1

Bernhardt Rhodes

Kazuma´s biggest enemy and president of Armagest, a european magic organization. He enjoys suffering and is the one resposible of Tsui-Ling´s death.


The servant of Illya and the servant with the most attack power.

Berserker (Zero)

A Mysterious Black Knight Participating in the Fourth Holy Grail War

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