Magic User's Club

Magic User's Club is an anime series in the Magic Users Club franchise
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Earth has been invaded again, by ugly high-performance robots powerful enough to destroy the UN forces with a single blast. Is it the end of the world? Actually, no. The invaders just roam around observing life, don't attack unless provoked, and are very polite. Most people have gotten used to just living around them. But they're still invaders, so somebody obviously has to fight them and save Earth. Cue the members of the Kitanohashi High School Magic Club. The president, Takeo, is always trying to impress pretty (but clumsy) new recruit Sae. Androg-ynous vice-president Aburatsubo (who, the titles very carefully inform us, is a boy) is devoted to Takeo. Sae's best friend, Nanaka, has a crush on Abura-tsubo . . . and remember they're supposed to be fighting the aliens. Takeo is just hoping to impress the girls by leading an attack on the invaders. So far, however, their magic isn't all that good, and with the school's Manga Club taking over their room space, he needs a project to hold the Magic Club together before all the members quit. Then things start to get serious when journalist Minowa begins finding out who these magical kids really are, and Sae finds she feels a bit more for Takeo than the respect of a junior classmate for a senior club leader.

The video series was followed in 1997 by 13 TV episodes focusing on the huge cherry tree Sae creates in the center of town in the final battle to get rid of the aliens. Its petals, far from being a nostalgic seasonal pleasure, are snowing up the roads and causing chaos. In the process of trying to get rid of the tree, the club members discover that it isn't the only unsuitable magical object plaguing the city, and they have a new mission. The video series spun off a manga version by Tami Ota, which ran in Fantasy DX magazine. We can think of no reason why the U.S. release title implies there is only one "Magic User," except perhaps a lack of familiarity with English grammar.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Junichi Sato
Michiru Oshima
Ikuko Ito
Akinori Endo

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General Information Edit
Name Magic User's Club
Name: 魔法使いTai!
Romaji: Maho Tsukaitai
Publisher Bandai Entertainment
Start Year 1996
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Aliases Witches' Club I Wanna Do Magic
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