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Wow, it feels like Magi gets heavier and heavier with each new week. And these two chapters continue the trend in telling what is ultimately a very depressing and very tragic story.


Solomon consumes Illah and seeks to bring about a Utopia. However destiny rears its ugly head again as new conflict breaks out as a result of Solomon’s actions.


There is a huge chasm between fighting for freedom and what the idiots in Magi do in these two chapters.

There is a popular saying about how absolute power corrupts; however someone needs to coin a saying about the ills of excess freedom.

The primary purpose behind the actions of Solomon and crew during this flash back has been to bring peace to the world, intertwined with allowing all the different species access to all the freedoms they desire.

What we have seen over the past few weeks is the systematically disastrous consequences of granting absolute freedom to a people that are probably not ready for it.

I am certain there is a lesson in there about human will and how it reacts after decades and centuries of subjugation. However it is difficult to feel any pity for the destruction that will face the populations of Alma Toran, most of whom more than deserve the destruction that will befall them in the next few weeks.

The entire Alma Toran arc has been about Solomon tiptoeing around the sensitivity of a collection of species undeserving of his aid or sympathy. And it is that fact that makes the events of these chapters so tragic, watching as everything Solomon worked for go up in flames, as the entirety of Alma Toran turns against the very individual suffering and perishing in sacrifice for his people’s freedom.

These two chapters didn’t as much create a conundrum with regards to the rights and wrongs of the situation, as they did damn Alma Toran as being completely unworthy of Solomon’s saving hand.

That raises questions about present day Magi; as chaotic as the times might seem to be, I don’t know if Aladdin really has anything to worry about . Not even the Kou empire is that depraved.

Or rather their actions seem to be guided by some twisted moral compass, this as opposed to those who would eventually become Al tharmen, who, for all intent and purpose, lose their sanity.

Call it falling into depravity or losing one’s way, their wasn’t the slightest light of sanity in any of the characters that took to rebellion in chapter 233.

Magi is presenting quite the dark and depressing situation. And I don’t know if I like it.

RATING: 8/10, Magi has done some pretty stellar work these last two weeks, even though the pacing is still a little off for my tastes. We are finally coming to the end of the flashback and these last two chapters provided quite a number of surprises with regards the roles of Solomon’s crew in Al Tharmen’s creation.

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WHAT?! A BREAK! COME ON SHINOBU. We finally arrive at this momentous juncture in the story, when Magi finally gets my excitement juices flowing, when I finally begin yearning for the next Magi chapter like I haven’t in a very long time, and the Manga decides to go on a bloody break.

I suppose there are rational reasons behind the decision but, come on, I haven’t been this excited about a Magi chapter in more than 3 months.


Solomon rebounds from his great loss and launches a final assault against King David and his horde, bringing to an end a long and very bloody war.


Complain I might have about this dragging Magi flashback; yet this chapter, juxtaposed against last week’s chapter more than justified the past few weeks of Magi.

And like Nanatsu no Taizai this week, the key lay in the chapter’s focus upon the action elements, even while allowing the story progress. Speaking of action, I cannot get over the artwork in this chapter.

Maybe Shinobu really does deserve a few weeks break, because a considerable portion of this chapter was quite messy; not that I had a problem following events…well, not after several re-reads, some of these panels were seriously messy.

Throwing these criticisms aside though, it has been a while since Magi delivered such meaningful yet compact action scenes, presenting less chaos in the form of giant attacks flying about and more fast paced and fairly simplistic assaults.

And one might point to last week’s chapter to justify the quality of chapter 230, because Magi this week enjoyed a level of urgency, with each page more than conveying that intense fury coursing through Solomon and crew, with his rage more than exploding on paper.

The chapter simply worked in a way it hasn’t worked in forever, relaying the emotion of last week’s loss, the dismay of those species facing death, the madness of David, fused with disturbing calm and, most importantly, the desperation in Solomon to stop his father. No, not desperation, fury.

There was less shonen cliché than I expected at the end as well, the final battle avoiding the speeches you expect from most manga, Solomon merely doing his all to save his friends from the might of his father, David imparting disturbing as well as enlightening wisdom upon his son in the last few moments.

And that made very little sense as well, those last few moments, almost throwing everything that we knew about David out the window and allowing us a moment to reinvent his personality. Was he really the raving lunatic we thought he was or a genius trying to manipulate the flow of destiny?

Could all this have been part of some grand master plan to avoid the chaos to come?

With this chapter, my interest in these events of the past has been renewed, specifically what it might mean for the future and the threat that is King David, whom I am now more than certain might have awakened within either Kouen or Sinbad.

That account of Setta’s end was almost chilling. Again I can’t tell if David was recounting the event just to push Solomon, or that was really a blood thirsty facet we were only starting to see. Truth be told I never thought David operated with the same mindset as the orthodox magicians and always assumed them to be puppets to his will.

Yet following his proclamations in this chapter regarding the purity of the species, I have to wonder if he wasn’t simply the chief orthodox magician.

RATING: I want to say 9/10, but the shoddy art calls for a 7/10. None the less intriguing chapter. Solomon was pretty awesome this week.

HIGHLIGHT: Solomon VS. David; David’s recount of Setta’s last moments.

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This was brutal, and surprisingly so, even considering the lengths to which Shinobu Ohtaka has gone in past arcs; I have found some difficult to enjoying these flashbacks, mostly because the stakes haven’t felt real enough to me for quite a while, not like they would usually feel with our usual cast of characters.

Yet that didn’t negate the impact of this chapter, which, I suppose, is going to have epic consequences with regards to the war against David.


Solomon and Ugo attempt to escape their self made trap even as David launches an assault against their home.


Chapter 229 was all over the place, starting off quite dull, entering some really muddy waters and then coming out ahead in one of the manga’s most brutal and gut wrenching scenes. There was a point in the chapter were events seemed like they were starting to turn down a clichéd path.

Ugo’s ability to lift the barrier puzzled me; because even his genius doesn’t explain his ability to overcome a trap that took centuries to create; the gibberish in between didn’t help matters. I don’t think we needed a step by step description of exactly how Ugo went about breaking the barrier.

Even as a means of proving his genius, it was unnecessary, and I didn’t buy. That being said it made for interesting progress, watching Solomon basically prop Ugo up as the greatest wizard the planet had seen, not because of any ostensible magical ability, but due to the wonders he had proven capable of achieving through the power of his brain.

One might look at this as an interesting shift in the development of these characters; we have spent so much time watching Ugo fawn over the might of Solomon, it is interesting to understand how highly Solomon views Ugo. It explains their friendship and a lot about what we know of Aladdin’s Ugo and his relationship with the young magi.

There was that moment as Solomon and crew were racing back home that I thought of the scenes we were about to witness, specifically the final clash between father and son that would see the city saved and justice delivered, before the city finally came into view. I expected devastation of some sort, but not an utter obliteration of the city.

This more than changes everything. For one thing these events give credence to revelations made in chapter 222.5, about David’s ability to foresee the future; that he foresaw his son’s rebellion, the force that he would raise to stop him and created a means to utterly crush him places David a few pegs above the all knowing Aizen.

This is a villain like we haven’t seen in Magi. Seriously though, this wasn’t just any little old massacre. David obliterated everything, the home and the communities that Solomon and crew had spent the past decade creating, a life and families that now lie in ruins.

What this is going to do to Solomon’s will, one can only imagine. We can already presume that this is going to lead into the fated Alma Toran tragedy, of which this is a portion. After all most of his followers are likely to lose faith in him, no longer viewing him as that divine creature beyond reproach and in whom they will choose to trust.

Seriously, this changes everything. After that last scene, with Tess’ last words, it suddenly makes all the sense in the world, how some of these powerful and initially righteous people could fall into depravity. Those that were making presumptions about Sheba’s role in Al Tharmen might have to reconsider their position

Because if there is one thing we know about Gyokuen, it’s that she’s crazy. And if there is one recently prominent trait we have come to learn about Arba, it’s the violent nature she might be harboring beneath her calm exterior.

One can imagine the events of this chapter pushing her over the edge. Magi has taken quite the turn in chapter 229, and one has to wonder how this tragedy will translate into the golden days of Solomon we saw in Aladdin’s visions near the end.

RATING: 7/10, despite a few hiccups at the start, this chapter really shined at the end.

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Not what I expected. I am not sure what to think or even feel about this chapter, because one portion made very little sense to me, while another, mostly the end, changed the atmosphere of the arc into something darker and even more exciting.


Solomon and Crew bring the might of their strength against David and the Orthodox Magicians. As victory finally comes into view, the true nature of David’s plan finally takes shape.


This was not terrible; and I say not terrible because Magi hasn’t been the most exciting series to read for some time now. And this chapter maintained the problems I have encountered with the manga in the last few weeks, yet while managing to inject some excitement into this war.

I finally understand why the extreme length of this flashback is proving to be so unexciting. It’s a flashback; essentially this is the past, and as such I simply cannot bring myself to get excited over these events. Certainly I would love to know the eventual fate of Alma Toran, Solomon and his people, yet the outcome of the war doesn’t interest me because, again, this is the past, it happened already, and isn’t likely to have an impact on the present beyond what we already know.

So really, chapter 228 did the best it could do, in actually proving exciting with regards to the conflict of wits and power between father and son, turning an easy victory into what might prove to be quite the gut wrenching defeat.

So, yes, actually good chapter, if only in showing Arba and Solomon’s determination to bring the Orthodox magicians to an end, as well as David’s genius planning ; however the first portion of the chapter was, well, quite cheesy, unnecessarily verbose and quite dull in fact.

RATING: 5/10, more exciting than what we have seen in a while. Yet Magi is still very strangely paced.

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I cannot be the only one starting to lose some patience with Magi. I understand what the author is trying to do, but these are some seriously long flashbacks. We might as well forget about Aladdin and group for the next few weeks to months, with the step by step process in which this manga is approaching its Alma Toran Arc.


With war raging among the various freed species across the lands, Solomon must make his sacrifices in finally taking the title of King, if only to bring about a momentary peace. The final battle against King David begins to take shape.


Here is the thing with these flash backs; there is some merit to them. Rather than catching a very brief very uninformed glimpse of Solomon, Magi has spent the past few weeks allowing us the opportunity to get to know this particular character and his collection of crazy friends.

Not a bad thing, especially when you consider the level of world building that has been achieved in that time, the revelation of what the Rukh are, the secrets behind the various Djinn transformations and even the formation of the world as it is known.

The problems comes with the execution. On the one hand, as I have said several times before, this story is taking its merry time in reaching a satisfactory conclusion. But even if I was to step back from that criticism, accept that we might be in this arc for a while and learn to appreciate all that we are learning, the Manga is doing an odd job of telling its story.

While certainly slow in comparison to ordinary flash backs, the Alma Toran Arc is also quite erratic, jumping from weeks to months and even years sometimes within a single chapter. Not the most impressive means of telling Solomon’s story, what with the way the panels will move from one random scene to another…Magi might be better off if this entire story was simply narrated within the space of a chapter or two.

I wish it would determine a pace and stick to it, because watching Solomon go from hero to King to the very gates of David’s palace within the space of a few panels just didn’t work for me. It’s possible the author is trying to say too much too quickly, seemingly being hurried either by her own intentions or some meddling editor.

Magi has potential, and still ranks as a pretty impressive manga; the message of chapters such as 226 and 227 are deep and philosophical and intriguing to contemplate, of the nature of freedom and what it takes to achieve true peace; however it would help the author took a different route to telling her story, away from the current, erratic and rather random nature of her approach.

RATING: 3/10, it is disturbing that I would fail to enjoy Magi to such an extent. But this arc needs to either end quickly or step up its game.

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  • Producer: A-1 Pictures
  • Release Date: May 16 and August ?

Plot: The world of the spin-off series is set 30 years before Magi and tells the story of the younger days of Sinbad, the king of Sindria.

According to ANN, the 3rd volume of the manga series, Adventure of Sinbad, will be bundled with the OVA as a limited edition in Japan.

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Aah, i wish Magi would pick up the pace; set up chapters like this, as good as they might be, leave me drastically unsatisfied. I understand the necessity of setting the stage for the showdown that is inevitably going to occur, but i have been waiting to see Kouen for several chapters now.

207 was largely tame, doing little more than shedding light on the true face of Balbad, once rebellious and violent yet proud and willful, now broken, the Kou empire further degrading the state of the kingdom through its legalization of slavery. And as with every society we have encountered in the manga so far, operating under a strict caste system, cruelty has began to creep into the hearts of the people, those less than fortunate forced to bow and bend both physically and emotionally; while those wielding greater power tread upon them, proud in the strength they hold and status of their households.

IN a way this couldn’t have turned out better for Alibaba, who displayed considerable displeasure at the thought of Balbad marching forward into prosperity without the guidance of his hand. Now he can approach his future with a goal in mind; Balbad is clearly in need of him, and now he gets to play the great hero. Though i don’t see his people standing up to back his call.

After all even Hassan seemed resigned to his new post. Really whatever we might have figured before there is no denying it now, the fact that the Kou empire is indeed the villain of the story and must be stopped at all costs. The question now is what is going to happen between Alibaba and Kouen, the two finally meeting at the end.

It does irk me a bit, the amount of time spent on this portion of the arc, seeing as this was supposed to be a short detour, Alibaba stopping off to lead Kouen to the meeting place. That is what i assumed would be the primary focus of this arc, Sinbad and Kouen’s meeting. But it seems like the Balbad portion of the story still has some life left in it.

Maybe this is for the best, as Magi is largely unpredictable at this point in time. It depends on whether all these detours will pay off satisfactorily, which this series always does.


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…i am somewhat surprised that i managed to sit down long enough to write this review. Reviewing anime or manga is hard, or at least it has been a pain for the last few days, since Friday to be precise. After several minutes at the keyboard i couldn’t even gather the strength to review Beelzebub, or write any of the other posts i wanted to make.
Why? What else but Fairy tail. It wasn't until i read last week’s chapter that i realized just how seriously i took fairy tail; quite stupid of me, considering what the series has delivered in the last few arcs. Yet i was that irritated by that last chapter, so much so that i lost interest in this little hobby of mine.
BUT SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? …I am losing focus here, which is why i didn’t bother writing anything these past few days, what with fairy tail constantly occupying my thoughts whenever i thought of picking up a manga chapter to pass the time. I haven’t bothered reviewing fairy tail for the last two or three weeks, precisely because i was waiting for this chapter to blow me away, enough to pour all the last chapters into this one review, and yet…anyway, Magi; i can’t tell if these two chapters were released today or i simply missed 205 last week.
Whatever the case at least this arc is finally beginning to advance.
Yunan and Sinbad display hostility towards each other. Aladdin learns of the true threat of the current age and the danger the presence of so many great kings portends. Alibaba learns of the two faces of the new Balbad.

Alibaba acted pretty much the way i expected him to, keeping a brave front yet clearly rattled by the progress that Balbad had made without him. 206 built a pretty interesting image of Balbad under its new masters. On the one hand no one could deny the prosperity brought about by Kou, the clean streets, large buildings, food, health, money.
On the other hand though, not only where they transforming Balbad into the image of any other Kou city with its architecture and design, they were also launching a surreptitious assault against the city, in exchange for food, health and order, stripping away all independence, removing from those citizens of Balbad any semblance of choice through the introduction of a fairly tame cast system designed to systematically eradicate self will.
It was quite jarring listening to Alibaba’s two friends, Zaylad quick to praise the peace of the new order, its color coded cast system and mechanism of predetermining the economic fate of its citizens, Hassan, her husband, then later expressing dismay at the erasure of all thoughts of hope and dreams, recognizing a vegetative element beginning to creep into the psyches of his fellow men.
Sinbad answered one facet of the reason he hated Yunan, the fact that he unleashed the dungeons upon the world. Prototype is likely to reveal the swathes of suffering under which Sinbad existed as a result of the dungeons. But i suspect there is more to it. We can now safely assume though that Yunan and Judal aren’t friends, what with Yunan spending his time sinking all the dungeons that Judal raises; which explains why the Kou empire isn’t armed with an army of vessel holders.
Whatever Yunan said to Sinbad he clearly agrees with a portion of the blame assigned to him, if he would go so far as to undo the dungeons created by Judal. Yunan did reveal quite a lot with his lecture regarding the king vessel. Aladdin’s initial foray into the open world elicited a lot of surprise, many unable to fathom his existence, what with Judal and the rest already running around.
I didn’t give it much though back then but it makes some sense now. Each magi comes forth to choose a king, a human born to wield the magi’s power to shape the world as he would wish it. That, according to Yunan, is as it has always been. Yet the current era is chock full of Magi, each with a chosen king; there is an even greater number of kings running around, massively powerful beings with great will, commanding great followers, each of whom is determined to change the world to mirror their vision.
Clearly there will be war, as only one king may paint the world in his or her colors. Which places the series in an interesting place. Clearly their will be a clash between these chosen kings, and only one may rise to the top. Which means Alibaba and Sinbad will rise to opposing ends. That isn’t something i am happy with. I like Sinbad and any attempt to portray him in a bad light doesn’t work for me. That isn’t to say that the story won’t be for the better if Sinbad proves to be less that honorable. It will be, i just will not cheer for Sinbad’s fall.
And i suspect that to be an eventuality, mostly because of something Yunan said; that Sinbad disturbs him. He is too perfect, as a symbol of the true king, honorable, immensely powerful, charismatic, a leader in every right. Yunan, and Aladdin, basically made Sinbad out to be the perfect hero; the fact that this doesn’t sit well with Yunan must mean something. I just hope it isn’t something bad for sinbad.

RATING: 4/5, decent chapters. It’s interesting to learn that Magi that die reincarnate as new people, only that Yunan has died 9 times and returned as himself. The emergence of so many kings must lead back to Al Tharmen and their plans for the future.

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