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Y’know, I was really waiting for this particular shoe to drop, and I’m so pleased that they actually went ahead and dropped it.

As I alluded to earlier, one of the more striking surprises I got reading 1,001 ARABIAN NIGHTS for the first time (after years of being only familiar with its homages and pastiches) was that Sinbad is actually kind-of useless. Far from the swashbuckling adventurer of the Roy Harryhausen movies, the original Sinbad is honestly just an unremarkable merchant with a lucky streak who, for whatever reason, just keeps washing up on one fantastical island’s shore after another. The fact that he keeps surviving shipwrecks to get on those beaches seems less a matter of “situational awareness” and more just dumb luck.

There’s literally nothing else remarkable about Sinbad. In fact, his mediocrity is honestly his most salient trait.

As such, I got much amusement out of the character’s depiction in this episode. The whole intro, where random robbers strip him of all possessions, feels very much like an ARABIAN NIGHTS set-up. And the scenes subsequently revealing him as a rather incompetent rich boy felt totally on the money (pun intended).

Past that, I continue to be impressed by the show’s pacing. The reveal of Alibaba’s complicated “heel turn” feels like something we’d normally see further down the line, but MAGI’s wasting no time to ratchet up the conflict. It’s also one of those head-smacking no-brainer surprises, because I was really wondering when or if the show would ever make good on the “40 thieves” part of that character’s reputation.

At this point, I can’t even predict if particular tiff is going to end with Aladdin joining the thieves’ side of this class conflict, or if we’re going to see a permanent wedge already being driven into this budding friendship. And that, friends, is good drama.

Watch this episode, “His Name Is Sinbad" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Sinbad is probably my favourite character in Magi. I find him and his friends far more interesting than the main trio. I think the main contributor to that is that Sinbad and co have already made up their minds about how to live their lives, as opposed to Alibaba, Aladdin, and Morgiana. As such, Sinbad's gang comes across as much more confident than uncertain, and occasionally angsty, lead trio.

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I think Sinbad's intro in this episode is meant for people like you who read 1001 Nights. He will not be lazy as the episodes continue. Useless? Yes, for the moment, but you've already seen why that is.

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Pacing of the story over all is bit weird.But it works .Funny thing is compaired to other shonen its rather fast moving.

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Sinbad may be lazy and useless, but he does serve an important role later in the story.


You'll see how Sinbad is a foil to Alibaba as you watch the series.

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