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Whoa… +5000 XP to this show for some absolutely masterful pacing.

We’re only five episodes in, and the conflict has already escalated to a NAUSICAA-like level of sweeping adventure, civil war politics, intense feuding and surprise betrayals? I feel like I just skipped over six episodes of plodding build-up and gone straight to the good stuff - - and it is such a thrill.

Actually, to throw on another anime shot call, this sort of plotting (in addition to the Arabesque theme of the show) has been rather pleasingly recalling ESCAFLOWNE for me, as well. I’ve consciously avoided learning whether or not this is intended to be on an ongoing series, or it’s just set for the usual 22-26 episodes, because that sense of uncertainty is part of the fun of a serial for me. However, I have noticed all the chatter about MAGI potentially being the next big shonen and, if that does happen, I figure it’ll come down to the creators having a lot of story to tell and not wastING any time in telling it.

I mean, seriously - - we’re already having large armies fighting each other in all-out warfare? I can’t even fathom what we’ll be building up to from here.

Honestly, I never figured I’d be this jacked-up over a series starring a prepubescent, blue-haired Aladdin with a magic flute, but… well… here we are.

Lil’ Al lives up to one aspect of the shonen hero archetype in this episode in a rather blackly comedic fashion. You know, how Goku, Luffy, et al, are all simple, happy-go-lucky Pollyanna’s until their loved ones are threatened - - and they get real mean to the bad guys? Well, were any of you lunatics chortling rather uneasily when Aladdin suddenly reappears at the end of this - - commanding Ugo to swat a whole section of enemy soldiers into smoky, pulverized ash - - and then it’s just kind-of glossed over like nothing happened?

More so than all the esotery about Rukhs and souls… more so than the blue Djinn nudity that suddenly revealed why Hulu labeled this a “mature viewers” episode… that one throwaway gag was what really made the biggest impression on me. It’s like the most cavalier, whimsical instance of brutal violence; and very much in line with the stories in 1,001 ARABIAN NIGHTS actually.

Yeah, there’s much to like about this show.

Watch this episode, "Dungeon-Capturer" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Heh we had a discussion on if a pic of said dijinn was allowed on site or not.This was one of the better episodes .I think youll like the series for its paceing an brutal dipiction of slavery.Be warned some episodes will have animation quality fail. here an their not over all .

If any thing tho this very show may prove the "ya it starts off slow then it gets good at".. arguments .Its a good show an oddly 2 of the 3 main characters i am indifrent to.Good enuff cast to carry it as a intrest ,

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Sadly, this anime won't be considered as part of the Shonen Holy Trinity. It didn't last so long. Manga still has some potential. I was surprised at Paimon's lack of clothes since this is supposed to be kids cartoon. Though, the content of this show gets dark pretty fast.

Episode 6 is one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy the next episode.

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