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I hate to be a nitpicker, but… hey, this is an episode-by-episode write-up that’s inherently about picking nits. So, I’ll go ahead and chuckle a little about how one of the centerpiece one-liners here is angled on something that’s rather glaringly anachronistic.

Which is to say that, yes, I was taken a little out of the moment when Alibaba invokes a 20th century scholastic grading system - - in English, no less - - in what’s supposed to be the Middle East of legend.

Then again, this is a show where Alibaba’s being played by a Jesse McCartney look-a-like, so perhaps the questions of setting-appropriateness are even less relevant. I guess it stood out because the show otherwise demonstrates a legit understanding of the subjects it’s playing with. The way the Djinn conducts himself and invokes the lineage of Solomon pretty much have a stamp on it saying, “These guys know their shit.”

Again, it’s a shonen, and we’re already getting a minor bit of tropes adherence in Morgiana doing the requisite “heel turn” that needs to happen before any respectable hero team is even close to being a complete. I loved the escalation of tension during her acrobatic fight with our two leads (there was an absolutely deft sense of timing) and also appreciated the simple-but-effective dimension to her personality. When she refuses to turn on her master, you get the sense that she’s gotten so used to following his commands that she stopped actually thinking about why she was following them a long time ago.

I don’t know how exactly one “clears” a dungeon when one isn’t playing a table top game, so I kind-of missed what exactly incited the djinn’s cyclone elevator at the finale. Were Aladdin and Alibaba getting thrown back to their starting through some kind of level-specific time-reset? If that’s the case, then maybe this show’s also going to fall prey to the ever-accursed RPG rules we run into, far too much, in fantasy anime.

Watch this episode, "The Sorcerer of Creation" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Blame not the RPG rules.But damn the rules lawyers!

Also that was a neet nitpick.Totaly missed it .

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The RPG feeling will go away as soon as you progressed through Magi. Magi takes a darker turn into corruption.

To clear a dungeon, the person has to find the Djinn and claim its powers. They didn't explain it well in the past episodes.

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