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It seems like the animators just got the chance to release assorted creative urges they’ve had to repress for most of this season. The nature of the phantasmagoria in this labyrinth was just so markedly… cutesy that I might as we been watching the actual movie LABYRINTH, at times. You can’t help but imagine some scenario where the director finally just throws everybody a bone in exchange for the super-serious, dark magoi-focused slog they had to get through.

That slog can’t be understated, either. We’re a couple episodes out of Balbadd - - and those episodes have been fun, for sure - - but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s too little, too late. Like, I would’ve been a much better mood for this final dungeon-questing arc if it had started six or seven episodes earlier and was part of a more briskly-paced assortment.

With present conditions, I can only think about how there really isn’t enough time in the series left to resolve this plot with the evil djinn in a satisfying fashion. To further the pit highway breakdown analogy I used before, it’s like this car pulled itself out of the off-road, Balbadd mud trap with just barely enough fuel to get home. We’re going to get to the end, sure, but we aren’t going to get there in style…

In simpler terms, this episode was just so-so. There’s plenty of chibi, and that’s never been my bag, but I did get a good chortle out of the gag where Hakuryuu turns into a big cry baby. Maybe I’m just sadistic like that, but I loved how the guy’s self-pity got so embarrassing that it even made the bad guy break character to double-take over it (exact moment captured above). There's a very specific kind of sick humor there.

Watch this episode, "Zagan Labyrinth" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Tom you should use this episode to rescue Sam from my little pony.Show him how evil cute can be!

That said ya abit to much chibi.Cute factor didnt get offset by the horror factor in the garden.But it was better than average anime an well watchable.Almost had disney feel to it .. sadly.Also Stop looking at the clock on the wall for show count left!That will make a viewer look to deeply into plots an where it goes or ends.

also this episode reminded me of..

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There will be always some chibi stuff. Plus, this series gets disturbing sometimes. I don't mind a chibi comic relief moment unless there is action packed battle or a suspenseful scene.

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@takashichea: My general rule of chibi is 1/3rd way to much .If it feels like that much is in the show it needs to be ofset. 20% is ok .This just had back to back chibi an felt way more than it was.

Actualy older anime used it alot more that this .As a story telling tool its neet to a point then it in animation, looks like lazy animation.Same for the eye hide gloom, the beads of sweat when their unconfotable to size of super sized tears. An the kitten mouth cute emoticon or the nose bleeds.To much is not a good thing.

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This was probably my favorite episode in the entire Magi series XD. I really like how the author/animators would put them as chibi, I feel it helps express emotions while also being comically entertaining, I know I get hooked on an anime if it has those :3.

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@Marshal Victory: @RavenBuster:

Guess what I found out today!

It's Sinbad's concept art. Shinobu Ohtaka originally had Sinbad as a woman. I can't find any information why she changed Sinbad back to a guy.

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@takashichea: Wait so at one point both aladin an now sinbad had gender swaps at some point? Eh never a big fan of the gender/race swaps to begin with but have to wonder about thought process.. How do you go from gee lets make this character a girl now to no that wount work.As a general rule that sorta change feels needless or uninspired .Sure no shortage of that in anime but none of thsoe that have had gender swaps have had as much popularity as magi enjoys now tho.

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